Chaos! In France the Day Before the Election

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2017

I’m not even clear what these people are rioting about.

They don’t seem to be rioting against Le Pen.

I think – gasp – they may be rioting against the concept of democracy itself.

The French are the main party responsible for foisting this idiot system on all of us, so it would be good if they would be the first to publicly point out how absolutely destructive it is.


Members of dozens of French unions and civil groups have taken to the streets of Paris ahead of Sunday’s presidential vote, protesting what they call a “political masquerade.” Police deployed tear gas after protesters used smoke grenades and flares.

While France is observing pre-election silence on Saturday ahead of the first round of the voting, crowds have been marching through the streets of Paris rejecting the policies of all the candidates leading in the polls.

Some 2,000 people took part in the protest, according to estimates from the organizers, which included some 70 groups and organizations, TASS reported.

The protesters demand that more attention be paid to the needs of French society’s lower income people, TASS reported.

People set off from Place de la Republique and marched towards Place de la Bastille.

France’s largest trade union, the General Confederation of Labor, is among the organizers of the Saturday march.

Le Pen has to win.

I no longer thing it matters as far as what she will actually do.

I don’t think she’ll even try to do Frexit.

She’ll just be all like “ah, well, you know, ah, the parliament, and oh, economics, and you know…”

But combine a Le Pen win with a Trump win and the very likely possibility that Brexit might not even actually happens, and you’ve got yourself definite, incontrovertible proof positive that there is no way to vote our way out of any of this.

Proof positive that “Democracy” is a system where Jews tell you you can vote for or against their agenda, while using their media to use scientific manipulation techniques to convince you to vote for their agenda, and then if you somehow manage to vote against it, the agenda stays the same anyway.

We have to abolish democracy, and ensuring that we elect populists who then do nothing for us is the first step in getting this done.

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