Chad Danish Politician Condemns Replacement of Whites on National TV

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

The Danes are having the debates that no other Western European people are allowed to have.

This seems to have something to do with the national character of Denmark, compounded by one sonovabitch who just doesn’t give a fuck – Rasmus Paludan, founder and leader of the Hard Line Party.

At a public debate this week, he called out the entire Jewish plot:

It’s not okay, they talk about this as if this was not a very big problem. The great replacement denotes that Moslems, who don’t belong here, marry very early and have a lot of children. Danes marry late and have very few children.

And that means, when the prime minister talks about 2040 being the year that we can reconsider retirement age, he has not understood what is happening before his very eyes.

Because at that time, if these conditions continue, Danes will be en route to becoming a minority in their own country. And that won’t be fun – for you or me!

The other politicians were not happy.

I am shocked and dismayed to find out that Denmark has a problem with migrants. I knew that Copenhagen was bad, but I figured that it was because they had a metro connecting Malmö to Copenhagen, and the migrants were just staging themselves in the Norwegian Tijuana before making the final leg of the journey to live amongst the Ikeans north of the border.

Furthermore, if Denmark is getting filled up with immigrants, someone needs to explain why they put up all those death poles everywhere.

I was under the impression that these things were state-subsidized nithing poles to ward off intruders and strangers, and to tell foreigners to never come to Denmark because they were unwanted there. Even the name “Denmark” came about as a border signifier – a point past which Rome didn’t go. Everyone living past the mark was too dark and barbaric.

I don’t blame them for thinking so when they saw those nithing poles.

But perhaps these modern doom sticks are using up more dark warding energy than they generate, and this is allowing the migrants to cross into their lands.

We don’t know. More research is needed.

Danes are an irrational and superstitious people.

I hope that the old Danes band together to stop the flow of migrants so that they can continue doing what they’ve been doing for centuries, so that future generations can admire their strange customs and bizarre behavior.

But they need to rally together and start doing more than relying on those nithing poles to keep the migrants out.

Walls work too.

Denmark should build one because they’re living on an isthmus.

This would cover their southern flank. And the straits would cover the North (once they flood the tunnel that they’ve built with Sweden, of course).

I want to hear Paludan get serious and start promising walls and moats before I fully endorse him.