Cape Town: Outrage Over Principal Who Allegedly Forced Fag Students to ‘Out Themselves’ to Parents

Daily Stormer
March 10, 2017

We live in a society where parents are given zero respect

Being homo is so normal that it must be kept a secret from your parents.

Times Live:

The Commission for Gender Equality‚ provincial department of education‚ lesbian‚ gay‚ bisexual‚ transsexual and intersex (LGBTI) community and the Democratic Alliance have all vowed to launch investigations into the conduct of principal Nomampondomise Kosani of Ulwazi High School in Mdantsane.

Kosani caused widespread outrage after she is alleged to have called the group of 38‚ aged 14 to 18‚ together to force them‚ in front of their parents‚ to point out their girlfriends.

Kosani first called the group in after two girls were found kissing in a bathroom.

She has refused to comment on the matter.

Commission for Gender Equality legal adviser Kerry Anne Oosthuysen said the commission had‚ by law‚ a mandate to investigate and resolve complaints regarding gender-related issues.

What a terrible principal.

Imagine thinking parents have the right to know what their child is doing!

Nothing good can come from a society that has such little regard for parent figures 

If my child was committing degenerate acts then I sure as hell would want to know about it.

How else can that child be disciplined and put back on a straight path?

Goy, how dare you discipline and educate your offspring!

And if my child believed they were a homosexual then I’d very much need to know about it so that it can be addressed, because young people who go down a path of faggotry usually suffer from a wide range of mental issues. (Not to mention that some are even victims of sex-abuse.)

And I know that we live in a society of ‘acceptance’ that totally abandons mental health and has no issues with allowing people to go untreated, but a parent shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to help their child.

Young people are running the show and the ones who should be acting like adults aren’t.

It’s a scary thing when shitlibs believe children should be allowed to keep secrets from their own parents and want to encourage that type of negative behavior.

‘Screw your parents, be who you want to be!’

I’d be fuming if I found out some baby-faced leftist teacher was helping my child keep something hidden from me.

Please, take me back to the days when it would be outrageous for a parent to not be notified of what their kid was up to.

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