Canada: These Dykes are Out of Control! Feminists Ban Men’s Club at University

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2018

There should be someone keeping score at all times. This is the most captivating competition that the world has ever seen. Dozens of White countries are racing to their collective grave, and the only question is who will make it there first.

Canada seems to be the dark horse in this competition, lagging behind Sweden, Germany and the UK.

But occasionally a story comes out of that great snowy wilderness that reminds me that Canada is still very much in this competition.

Toronto Sun:

In the padded cells that are our current universities, there’s no room for clubs who are anti-abortion or who refuse to acknowledge “the patriarchy.”

There’s no room for debate. No place for divergent views contrary to their own orthodoxies.

The student unions at Ryerson, University of Toronto Mississauga, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College refused to authorize three clubs who run afoul of current delicate political correctness: two are pro-life and a third is a men’s rights group. Now these banned heretics have gone to court, backed by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, to fight the “bad faith and bias” that has denied them official status on campus.

Without official sanction, clubs can’t get student union funding and can’t advertise, book rooms and information tables, or host speakers and debates on campus, he said. They’re essentially pariahs without a voice.

This story gets pretty absurd pretty fast.

They seem to have been given an option to get certified in exchange for declaring their loyalty to the PC mantra.

But the Men’s Rights group refused. Even the judge was shocked by what the university tried to make them do.

But the club has repeatedly been denied recognition by the Ryerson Students’ Union. The RSU claimed the group could cause an “unsafe” environment for women on campus and has purported links to anti-feminist groups, which it denies. The biggest strike against them, it seems, is that they haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid: they were told it was an RSU requirement to acknowledge the “systemic privilege that men have.”

“They have to acknowledge there’s a systemic suppression of women?” the judge asked incredulously.

He was told that they must.

“Isn’t there something wrong in making someone take an oath on what they believe or don’t believe?” Perrel asked. “Isn’t there something offensive requiring someone to acknowledge someone else’s belief systems?”

Crazy stuff to say the least. But that’s what women do. They’re not interested in having a discussion, they’re interested in forming a cunt mafia and comin’ for your balls with a pair of rusty pliers.

There was another group that was denied status.

The third group, Speak for the Weak, was told it was denied club status because it’s pro-life and allowing the club on campus would run counter to “building an environment free of systemic societal oppression and decolonization.” 

How in the world is decolonization and abortion related? Can you decolonize bitches’ wombs of men’s sperm? Is that what they’re aiming for?

You know what, just fuck it man. There isn’t much more to say. These people are insane and deserve the bog.

But shame on us for allowing them to run roughshod over our lives and our society. In my entire life, I have never seen a man stand up to a crazy cunt or another member of the Freak Mafia IRL. Can’t help but feel that if a few more men had shown some testicular fortitude when this was all just getting off the ground, we wouldn’t be hearing stories like this on a daily basis.

But hey, sow the wind, reap the whirlwind soon bitches.