Canada: Populist Right on the Rise!

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

So much grief, over such a little thing…

We’ve previously reported about the “make Canada great again” flyering event that happened last month. A few flyers here and there, and you get attention from the state media.

Well, it turns out that this isn’t the last of the media coverage we could expect out of it.


Those who think that Canada is the last bastion of liberal tolerance in the West should expand their political imagination beyond the halls of power — and in particular, take a look at what’s happening on Canadian campuses, where there’s been a recent surge in right-wing and racist propaganda.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

It may be true that the right wing in Canada has yet to cough up the same kind of populist threat now arising in European liberal democracies like France, Germany or the Netherlands. But the success of president-elect Donald Trump has emboldened nativist elements of Canadian society just the same.

Regardless of Trump’s actual merits, his campaign has definitely had a dramatic effect on the world political scene. Nationalism everywhere is getting an influx of energy.

Canada is no exception, as cucked as the nation might be.

People might be like, “but how could Canadians vote for Trudeau?”

The fact is that as of yet, Canada doesn’t even have a nationalist party. All of the major parties are pro-immigration, pro-sodomy and pro-Jews, including the so-called “conservative” party. This might change now, however.

We need another Canadian fuhrer, tbh. Also, he was, of course, of the French-Canadian master race.

And nowhere has this been more obvious than on Canadian university campuses.

In the past few months alone, posters, flyers and other paraphernalia promoting hard right slogans have been found on campuses across the country, including McGill, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta and McMaster University, among others.

Some of these materials display outright racist messages. For instance, posters were found on the University of Alberta campus that read “Fu*k Your Turban.” And “White Students Union” advertisements were also found on several campuses in the Greater Toronto Area at around the same time.


This is a result of an emboldening populist wave following the election of Trump, an event that has also inspired several elected officials on the Canadian right to espouse a similarly populist message.

The campus propaganda is a sign that this wave has reached an outer fringe of the right wing that’s looking to regain a certain kind of footing among the youth.

University administrations and student unions have condemned the dissemination of this kind of propaganda, but it will likely take more than tweets and press releases to stem the growth of such messaging on campuses.

Oh, you bet. Do keep the tweets and press releases coming, though. Salt is our favorite flavor.

This kind of activism is the most low-risk, high-reward thing you can do in real-life with your friends. All you Stormer Book Club guys need to get in on that and start making waves. It’s good clean fun.

If you don’t have a poster design handy, just use this one:

I designed it to be scientifically optimized to trigger campus SJWs.

As long as you choose your targets wisely, you can bet you’ll get a media reaction out of it, at no real risk to yourselves. You can just do it later in the evening when there’s few people around, and wear winter clothes to hide your identity, if you prefer.


PS: If you’re in Canada and want to use the poster design in the report above, it’s been sent to us, and is available for your use: