Canada: Nazi Village Refuses to Take Down Swastika Monument in Spite of Jewish Whining

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2017

A new level of evil has been unleashed upon these snowy lands.

This is what happens when you start taking down monuments.

At first, it’s like “oh, let’s take down statues of famous generals and the founding fathers” and no one cares.

But then, they come for the symbols at the very core of the nation’s identity, like this swastika anchor.

This could have been avoided – but you didn’t listen!

Luckily, these brave Quebecois are holding firm and refusing to let this Jew take away their precious swastikas.

CTV News:

The founder of a group that removes hate symbols was shocked to learn that he was not allowed to remove a swastika from a public park in a Quebec village.

Nice. I wonder if they sell miniature versions in the souvenir shop?

And activist who removes “hate symbols?” I wonder what kind of person that might be…

An open-air museum in Pointes-des-Cascades, Que., nearly an hour outside of Montreal, features dozens of historical anchors, including one with an engraved swastika on one side.

Corey Fleischer, known for removing hate symbols with the graffiti-removing group Erasing Hate, said he was called to the park by a concerned citizen regarding the hate symbol displayed on the anchor. When he arrived at the park he approached the anchor thinking someone had spray painted a swastika, but noticed the symbol was engraved and had been outlined in black by the city.

Corey Fleischer.

Of course. It had to be a frog. Fleischer is a typical Quebec name after all.

Nah, just joking.

It’s a Jew.

“I decided to remove the paint around the swastika that the city had painted on this ancient World War Two anchor,” Fleischer told CTV Montreal. “To have such a sign of hate in a public space is completely unacceptable.”

Can you believe the gall of this Jew?

He goes to a museum, and just decides to start scraping away at one of the showpieces because it hurts his feelings.

Fleischer was spotted by the local mayor, Gilles Santerre, who then called the Quebec provincial police. Fleischer agreed to leave after officers warned him that he could be arrested for damaging city property.

Mayor Gilles Santerre, calling the cops on this Jew.

And he’s surprised the local authorities stop him. Wew.

But Fleischer explained to CTV News Channel that the white circle behind the black swastika, which is emblazoned on the anchor, is a Nazi symbol and the centrepiece of the Nazi flag.

“What differentiates a Nazi swastika to all other swastikas… is a white circle behind a (black) swastika,” Fleischer told CTV News Channel. “When I showed up to that park I knew it was a Nazi swastika.”

This guy is a straight up criminal thug, going around threatening people and defacing public and private property.

Take a look at this article here:

The Star:

But on this day, more than two years ago, Fleischer pulled over and asked if he could remove the offensive symbols, which had appeared a few weeks earlier. The owner was reluctant and said he would do it himself—but later.

Fleischer, who is tall, thick with muscle and has a bald head, asked a few questions and learned there was a delivery planned to houses in the predominately Jewish neighbourhood of Hampstead. That is when he had heard enough.

“I took my truck and barricaded him in. I wasn’t happy. I said ‘Now you’re going nowhere,’” he recounted.

You better scrub your walls of hate symbols, goy, or this Jew will kidnap you.

Isn’t that kidnapping? Or some other kind of felony? He admitted, in a newspaper, that he trapped someone with his truck and threatened him.

Good on these brave Quebecois for resisting the vile threats of this terrorist Jew.

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  1. The hubris of these fucking kikes is ASTOUNDING sometimes.

    I live up here in the north and I’m constantly cutting down commie/anti-fascist posters on my morning walks.

  2. We should fund the creation of a Hitler statue with a plaque explaining how the jews have lied and slandered Uncle Adolf and the NSDAP. These leftist freaks are allowed to put up statues of FREAKING SATAN

    But we can’t have the International Symbol of Peace?

  3. Bon says:

    Monuments are pulled down in times of war or revolution.

    Don’t ever forget that.

    This is a concerted effort to wipe away White history, heritage and traditions - and then wipe us out physically from our own homelands.

    This is freaking war, people.

  4. Bon says:

    Lincoln’s statue has been repeatedly vandalized. Why? B/c the area has gone from White to black.

    Yesterday, Chicago’s 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez announced that a statue of Abraham Lincoln had been largely destroyed by vandals.

    Now Lincoln, according to blacks, was an old, White slavemaster.

    Those stupid fools don’t realize they are doing the Jews’ bidding (although I believe the NOI does), aiding and abetting the White Genocide agenda.

    They will be the first ones liquidated when the time comes - either from Jews or from us who have had enough of their violence and overall worthlessness.

  5. Disgusting kike with the gayest glasses I’ve ever seen, sounds like he belongs in a mental institution.

  6. That truck driver should have kicked his faggot jew ass for tampering with the sweet custom paint job on his ride.

  7. They will start with the statues and bannings, then they will move to getting nonlibs fired then comes the punishments played out in history time and again. WAKE UP WHITE MEN

  8. While the US are tearing down statues, how about we demand the jewish poem added on the Statue Of Liberty to be removed forever?
    It wasn’t part of the monument we gave you and added later as an early trick to open borders…

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