Canada: Middle School Teachers in Ontario Wearing Kevlar Vests to Protect Themselves From Students

Daily Stormer
January 26, 2018

I’m 99% sure this is caused by racism.

And if it isn’t, it’s still racism somehow.

Russia Today:

Elementary school teachers in Waterloo, Ontario are resorting to wearing Kevlar vests to protect themselves from their students.

The unusual move is in response to rising classroom violence from pupils and not based on a fear of being shot. Teachers are donning protective gear made from Kevlar, a material used in body armour, which includes vests and leg sleeves.

So why are pupils more violent, huh?

What exactly is changing?

“It’s the environment”

“We’re [dealing with] everything … biting to kicking and punching,” Jeff Pelich, vice president of a chapter of Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario told CBC. “Between our teachers and educational assistants, and child and youth workers, many of them are now required to wear Kevlar, to wear full vests to protect themselves from punches and kicks.”

There were around 1,300 incidents of student-on-teacher violence in elementary schools in the Waterloo Region District School Board last year, an increase of about 400 from the previous year.

This region has a population of around 500,000 people, of which around 15% are subhumans.

Can you guess the racism works here?

Teachers have been complaining about rising incidents with students for a while now, with many pointing to a lack of funding as a reason for the issue.

According to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, 70 per cent of its members have experienced or witnessed violence in their jobs. Some 77 percent said the school’s actions to prevent a recurrence was not effective.

“Dem programs ain’t workin, so we need moar of thems!”

According to Pelich, the gear is usually worn by teachers working in classes with students with special needs. He said that the violent incidents aren’t limited to children in special education, and that the increase in incidents is as a result of a lack of resources and funding.

“We’ve been advocating for years. It’s not fair for our children with special needs not to be able to get the right supports inside of the classrooms, and that has been the biggest issue that we’ve had,” Angela Pugliese, a mother of an autistic boy, told Global News last year. “I’d like to see [teachers and educational assistants] know how to handle it — how to handle an outburst, how to handle meltdowns — and I’m finding they’re not trained enough to do it.”

So the only parent they name in the entire article is Italian.

And they put it there specifically to distract that virtually all of these attacks are from muds.

This is a thing they do often, BTW.

Subtly drop a typically White name in an article about a typically non-White problem, just as a distraction, usually followed by some disclaimer that this isn’t a racial issue.

I first noticed this when I read a Guardian article about “la tournante” (the pass around), which is basically gang-rape that is exclusively done by niggers and Arabs in France, and specifically aimed at White girls (though they’ll do their own when given the chance), but the only name of a rapist they put in the article is “Pierre.”

I guess most people who read DS probably noticed this by now.

Our government is working tirelessly with our partners to strengthen and create a culture of health and safety in our schools,” Ontario’s Education Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris told Global News, adding it would spend CA$220,000,000 ($179,000,000) this year to hire over 2,400 teachers and education assistants.

You put a creature whose kind hasn’t figured out how to use toilets as your education minister?

That’s really smart.

Still, news like this is a good thing.

Teachers in the Western world today are almost uniformly scum, worthless vermin whose sole purpose in life is to indoctrinate White children on behalf of the Jew.

So anything bad that happens to them is a win for us, and for civilization in general.

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  1. It’s because of the history of slavery in Canada.

  2. The sharp increase of incidents in the last year leads me to believe the violence is coming from Muslims(“refugees”), so I’d have to go with Canadian crusaders rather than Canadian slave owners

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  6. Teachers are donning protective gear made from Kevlar, a material used in body armour, which includes vests and leg sleeves

    they need these teachers

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  9. AH1933 says:

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