Canada Finally Legalizes Weed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2018

Trudeau’s campaign slogan was “weed lmao”

This was a pretty longtime coming, no?

I mean, they’ve had that marijuana leaf on their flag for like, 400 years.

They were the first to decriminalize and totally normalize adult marijuana use as a regular part of normie society. Many years ago.


Both chambers of the Canadian parliament have voted to approve the bill, paving the way for recreational use of marijuana and its cultivation, including home growth. To become law, it needs a largely formal royal approval.

The Canadian non-elected Senate passed the bill, commonly known as the Cannabis Act, on Tuesday, with 52 votes in favor and 29 against. The long-awaited piece of legislation, which has been in the works for several years, will now require a royal assent, a formal consent of the Queen, to approve the law, granted by the governor general.

Save for the largely formal practice, Canada has become the first Western country to fully legalize pot on a nationwide level. The only other country to do so was Uruguay in July last year.

Although the law was touted by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberal Party even before it took power in 2015, the proposed legislation has been subjected to fierce debates and has travelled back and forth between the Senate to the House of Commons, Canada’s lower elected chamber.

Yeah so I mean.


I’m not a big weed guy. I’ve never seen this drug have a positive outcome on anyone’s life.

The arguments in favor of it all amount to “oh but it’s not that big of a deal tho.” Which, okay, fine. Maybe it isn’t. But I have seen creative people who could have done something really meaningful with their life spend it smoking weed, working at a gas station and playing video games.

I guess everyone needs coping mechanisms in this hellish world we’ve all been forced to live in and I get that too.

But don’t even give me this “not as bad as alcohol” bullshit.

Let me strike that down right now:

  • Firstly, most people who drink do it socially, and it can be a good and useful social lubricant. It helps with everything from dates to business deals to family get togethers.
  • Secondly, there is such thing as a “functional alcoholic.” Many great men of history have been complete drunks. There are no great men who have been pot-smokers.
  • Thirdly, there is really no such thing as a “social” pot-smoker. The overwhelming majority of people who smoke pot smoke it habitually.
  • Fourthly, alcohol stays in your system for a much shorter time. It is easy to get drunk one evening and go to sleep and wake up, get some coffee, and have a productive day. Pot smoke stays in your system for weeks, and slows down reaction time and general neural processes the whole time.
  • Fifthly, marijuana strongly affects physicality, in particular by lowering testosterone in men.

So, I discourage use and I am against legalization.

If you are a regular user, and your life is good, then okay. That’s fine. I’m not bullying you. I am willing to accept that there is a minority of people who are able to smoke pot and be productive individuals. I’m not coming at you personally, I’m talking in general terms about society as a whole.

But this whole legalization thing is not for the benefit of people who already smoke it – it is designed to make it so more people smoke it. They want the society high, because a society that is high is easier to manipulate.

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