Canada: Catholic Priest STABBED in Yet Another Terror Attack

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

This is now an unignorable problem.

White people are getting stabbed and killed anywhere there is a Moslem community living in proximity to them.


A priest was stabbed during a morning mass at Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, the city police reported. He was taken to the hospital, while the suspected attacker has been arrested.

The suspect ran at Father Claude Grou from the back of the rectory and injured him with a sharp weapon, Céline Barbeau, director of communications for the oratory, told the media.

The incident happened during mass and was captured on a livestream, Barbeau said. The police said Father Claude received “light” injuries of his upper body. 

“Light injuries” to the upper body, eh?

No mention of the suspect’s race or religion, eh?

It was a Moslem… eh?

It’s hard to tell what race the stabber is from the video. But since he didn’t yell out “Subscribe to PewDiePie!”, we can rule out White Nationalism for sure.

This is the new norm now – random attacks on White people in literally every single country where Moslems don’t have the boot firmly on their necks.

Now, I know that normies are deaf and blind, but on some level, I wonder if they’re going to become cognizant of the fact that it is getting dangerous to partake in the daily functions of life. Riding the bus, going to Church, shitposting online – all of it is becoming dangerous.

And look, I’m not calling for a race war. But maybe, just maybe, people could start talking about these things? Or at the very least, they could allow other, bolder people to talk in their presence and not run them off or report them for sharing their misgivings.

Nowadays, conversations go something like this:

Red-Pilled Guy: “Have you noticed all the crime and terror lately? Shit is getting nuts!”

Triggered Normie: “How absolutely fucking dare you, bigot!”

Red-Pilled Guy: “Wh-what? I didn’t even say anyt-”

Triggered Normie: “RACIST! Let me go cover my head with a rag and agitate online to get you fired from your job!”

I’ve often wondered if there is a threshold of cultural enrichment that needs to occur for people to finally feel safe listening to alternative opinions or whether things get worse the more diverse it gets because of a Stockholm Syndrome effect kicks in.

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. Society is going to plunge into the depths of Hell.

And it is there we will find our answers.