Canada: Army Gives Minorities and Women Cushy Jobs, Uses White Men For Cannon Fodder

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

Keeping up with the Cuck Olympics is a solid hobby.

For a while, Sweden was the only country that mattered. Everyone got together to make fun of Sweden. This was followed by Germany’s shenanigans for a while. Good times were had by all. Then all of a sudden, the UK surged ahead with their bold totalitarian/Orwellian double-down. And who could forget what happened next? The dark horse – New Zealand – took the world stage by storm with their unprecedented public cucking campaign.

But things are shifting again.

Canada has really raised the stakes with the mandatory child tranny stuff, homosex-based economy and now we hear about this scheme to deliberately put White men in the worst positions in the military.

National Post:

Depending on the week and whether employment equity (or EE) targets are being met, the Canadian Forces periodically closes some of its approximately 100 occupations or trades to any applicants but women.

The information is contained in so-called weekly “processing cheat sheets” used by recruiting staff — some of which were obtained by the National Post — and was confirmed by a military source.

The Post isn’t identifying that source, at the source’s request, for fear of repercussions.

Repercussions, eh? That doesn’t sound ominous at all.

The real threat in a liberal society isn’t an actual enemy threatening to attack the country from abroad. It’s having to live your life in fear that someone might find out you’re not a liberal.

What a life.

But yeah, so here’s the scoop. Basically, women are getting all the good jobs.

For instance, a sheet from July 26 last year clearly shows that spots in 17 jobs (ranging from armoured and artillery officers, ammunition technicians and medical techs to postal clerks) were designated EE and were then “accepting applications from females only”.

By the fall of 2018, another sheet reveals, those spots appear to have been filled, the EE weekly targets met; the jobs were no longer designated EE only.

Brig.-Gen. Virginia Tattersall, commander of what’s called “military personnel generation” and to whom Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG) reports, said Thursday in a phone interview that “notwithstanding what you may see marked on those sheets, and it may depend on the time of year (someone applies), it honestly depends, I can categorically state that in no occupation will we only select from the EE group.”

At another point, she said adamantly, “There are no occupations that we restrict based on gender.”

So official policy and unofficial policy are somewhat at odds here. That she-sergeant categorically denies and so on and so on. But there is no doubt that minorities get preferential treatment. That’s official policy.

Tattersall acknowledged, however, that “diversity is a consideration” – a significant one, especially near the end of the recruiting year when she said “We will look at diversity applicants first” – and that what the sheets indicate about Indigenous applicants is correct.

The sheets say that Indigenous candidates either are “not required to write” or “must write but don’t need to pass” the CFAT, the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test.

Illiterate minorities in cushy support roles jobs that require some technical skills?

This doesn’t sound like an army capable of winning a war, but one very capable of getting the frontline grunts (White kids) killed through negligence and incompetence.

The Army is basically one big gibs program and while I get that it’s a good deal for many White men without a lot going for them to get a leg-up, the situation seems to be changing rapidly.

The good ol’ times are coming to an end.

And you know what would really suck? Being sent to die abroad because of another idiotic Neocon war, or having to take Russia or China head-on for no real reason. The worst part would be knowing that while you were in some frozen foxhole starving to death because Laquisha didn’t figure out how to resupply your unit in time, your classmates went on to do better things in life. While you were being a tool, they took the strategic opportunity to overthrow the Canadian government and then had a sick AF block party with their mates to celebrate.

tfw when you have PTSD after you missed the Race War because you were busy being a ZOGbot.

How could you live with the knowledge that you totally missed out on the kegger to top all keggers and spent the RaHoWa years getting yelled at by women and minorities?

Should have thought twice about joining the military, sonny.

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  1. There are no occupations that they restrict based on gender; however, they “will look at diversity applicants first”. What kind of specious doubletalk is that.

  2. Will be hilarious when the new black, female “General” they hire from Africa, takes a break from reviewing the troops to squat and take a shit in the street.

  3. UnCL3 says:

    The leafs have an army? They’re going to need one when DOTR arrives.

  4. Core says:

    Well, why would Canada need a military anyway?

    It already is largely an Asian colony, and everything else is just ZOG interests.

  5. Treating the military as a means to distribute spoils rather than to fight a war is the perfect setup for an army that defects to the Russians and Chinese in WWIII.

    The the pissed off white bullet stoppers return as a Military Occupation Government and ZOG gets a fair trial with due process but a hell of a lot of discovery. We want to know the truth about the satanic shit they do, we want it all in future school curricula.

  6. The Western “army” is a hoop earring welfare program that boomers fall over themselves to throw our stolen money at.

    ZOG only needs a few solid white male pilots and career special forces guys to do the job.

  7. Sisu says:

    There’s not one single Western nation that’s capable of defending itself, easpecially the US. Basic training has been dumbed down to the extent that they don’t even require recruits to throw hand grenades any longer. To top it off they also shoot you up with a myriad of toxic vaccines like anthrax. You’ve go to be insanely desperate to join the US military as a white man.

  8. Gents, you don’t know the half of it.
    In the US military, you know, “muh-gold standard” of militaries, women and nogs are catered to like no other. They will get their choice of jobs and get promoted past you even if they decide to not even show up. But cushy places like Hawaii, it would blow your fucking mind; it’s like they scouted the best looking women from the entire military and send them to the most desirable places while White men can count on whatever is left over.
    In Kuwait before the war, there was a negress who didn’t like working in the motor pool, so they just “ominus dominus”, now you’re a medic. But she didn’t like that either, so she just didn’t go. I found out that was par for the course with niggers in the middle East, if they don’t wanna work, they don’t show up. If you call them on it, they’ll cry racism and the whole train stops while an investigation goes down.
    Combat units are all ALL, MOTHERFUCKING ALL 90+% White men. Niggers spend their time in bed, watching movies, fucking around in the gym, or stealing shit.
    And to top it off, your performance evaluation will have a grade for how well you support Duh-versity.
    If you were thinking about joining, fucking don’t.

  9. Glad my Dad told me never to join the military. And he was a marine.

    Heard nightmare stories from a good friend in the Army. Besides the nigger problem there was the WOMAN PROBLEM. He said it was huge. The women fucking their way up the ranks and the men, the White Men, getting the short end of the stick.

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