Can Breast Implants Stop Bullets?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2017

Grrrreeeat question!

Not really though.

As the regular reader is aware, I hate breast implants.

I also don’t really care if women get shot.


It seems the term “built-in airbags” may soon lose its tongue-in-cheek meaning. A new study has found that breast implants could save your life as they actually slow down bullets by 20 percent.

A study carried out by Christopher Pannucci, a plastic surgeon at the University of Utah, and published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, tested the theory by shooting bullets through breast implants and into ballistics gel, a substance designed to mimic human flesh.

Pannucci and his colleagues shot a handgun at the saline breast implant and block of ballistics gel from 2.5 meters away at some 300 meters per second.

Researchers found that the bullet fired into the breast implant was slowed by an average of 8 centimeters, or 20 per cent, “this difference was statistically significant” read the study.

Implants make it so that women can’t breastfeed, which is the number one purpose of a woman.

They are also gross looking.

If a big woman has breasts too small for her body, she can wear a padded bra. Padded bra technology is extremely advanced, to the point where a woman can wear a low-cut shirt and still give the impression of larger breasts.

This study is weird and pointless. The only point I can see is giving women an excuse to indulge in this bizarre body mutilation.