Calling All Degenerates, Blacks and Wahmens! Join the Swedish Military!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

Sweden came out with an armed forces recruitment ad that’s everything that you would expect from the Swedish government.

Let’s meet the new generation of plucky recruits being actively promoted by the Swedish military, shall we?

First up, this bitch with pink hair:

She’s actually the most normal-looking one in the bunch, so I won’t spend much time on her. But she’s still quite fat and ugly and clearly not military material.

Candidate #2:


D Y S G E N I C   A F.

What else is there to say?

Moving on:

While the selection of candidates is getting more diverse, one thing stays the same: they are all aggressively ugly.

The next scene is absolutely horrendous.

A feminist guy wearing a “the future is female” shirt gets put in his place for man-spreading by the butch lesbian sitting next to him.

She is also military material, apparently.

It begs the question: is martial anti-manspreading going to become a thing in Sweden soon?

The next part is almost subtle:

The little kid is worried about Global Warming. So, I assume that the Swedish military is committed to saving the ice caps somehow.

The next recruit is the most normal-looking one of the bunch if you ignore the fact that he’s not Swedish:

His friend is very bizarre-looking though:

If the message is that only degenerates and fugly people should join the Swedish military, then…  maybe they’re treating their army as a eugenics experiment where they send the freaks to die, and cleanse the population that way.

How could a sane person see this and want to join the Swedish army?

And to fight for what? Feminism, Global Warming and ugliness acceptance worldwide?