Call Kevin McCarthy and DEMAND JUSTICE for Steve King!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2019

This is Justice for Steve King week here at the Daily Stormer, where I am demanding that you call the rat fink Kevin McCarthy and demand justice for Steve King.

As we have covered here extensively, Steve King made some very mild comments to the New York Times which he claims were taken out of context.

Here is the exact quote from the Times piece – which was posted on January 10:

Steve King claims that author of the article is misquoting him, and that he was actually simply asking when “Western civilization” became an offensive term.

However, the new Congressional Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, who just weeks ago replaced Paul Ryan, is siding with the Times over King and has stripped him of all of his committee appointments, effectively crippling his ability to get anything done.

This is an extremely disgusting move, and it is all the worse because it is McCarthy’s first act as the top House Republican. This is what he is setting his agenda to be – anti-white.

Even if King did say that “white supremacy” shouldn’t be an offensive term, who cares?

Do his constituents care? Do other Republican voters care? Do you care?

Is there anyone arguing that there shouldn’t be black supremacy in Lagos, or Chinese supremacy in Beijing?

John Wayne used the term “white supremacy” in 1971, and no one thought it was offensive then.

So when did that term become offensive?

It’s a reasonable question that someone should not be punished simply for asking.

In fact, this is completely insane on every level.

All of you, right now, need to call the office of Kevin McCarthy – and your own local Congressman (if Republican) and tell him how unhappy you are with this bizarre move.

Do not be rude or vulgar or “racist” – just say flat-out how unhappy you are about these attacks.

I already called, but I didn’t record it because the legality of that isn’t clear.

But these are the points you need to hit on when calling McCarthy’s office:

  • I am disgusted by the attacks on Steve King by Kevin McCarthy.
  • I can’t believe that McCarthy would believe the fake news New York Times over one of his own people.
  • I believe that we need people sticking up for whites, not attacking them.
  • I am calling my local Congressman and telling him I do not support Kevin McCarthy as minority leader, and asking him to vote for someone else next time.

Tell your local Congressman this:

  • I am disgusted by the attacks on Steve King by Kevin McCarthy.
  • Nothing Steve King said was wrong, he is doing the will of his constituents.
  • Every other group defends themselves, and white people have a right to do the same.
  • If you continue to support Kevin McCarthy and his attacks on other Republicans, I will vote you out in the primaries.

Use your own words or just read those statements. It doesn’t matter. They have to record whatever you say, and the information is compiled for them to read.

Here’s McCarthy’s number:

(202) 225-2915

Find the number of your local Congressman here.

This Matters.

Don’t let anyone tell you that calling campaigns don’t work. They do work. And we now have the numbers to begin making a real impact, making our voices heard and putting pressure on these people.

The New York Times itself credited this site with creating the hype around the caravan problem in July of last year:

We have the ability to make noise, so we need to make noise.

If thousands of calls are received by Congressional Republicans on an issue, they are going to take note of it.

They also know that there is a very real threat of primary challenges in this current climate, so they have a real fear from their voters.

Make the call. Make the two calls. It will take you a total of 5 minutes, and you will have done something to positively forward the white racial agenda in this country.


Then tomorrow, do it again, and then keep doing it for the rest of the week (at least).

We need to make it clear to these people how big our numbers are, and the degree to which we are engaged in politics. They need to start realizing that it is easier to go along with what we want than oppose us for the sake of pacifying Democrats.