California Traitors Propose Law to Penalize Companies Who’d Work on Trump’s Wall

Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017

If bad comes to worse, he’ll just build it himself.

Commiefornia isn’t even trying to pretend like they’re interested in law and order anymore. They’re just proudly embracing being a corrupt third-world style regime, where the government just does whatever they want with no regard for anything.

Can you even begin to imagine the level of media outrage if a state openly defied the federal government on a liberal policy? Like, if they just went like “we’re not going to implement affirmative action – and any company caught hiring niggers won’t get state contracts, either” – which would be the exact same thing, legally, that Cali is doing?

The military would be called in.

Miami Herald:

Efforts to resist President Donald Trump’s border wall, create a government-run health care system and tackle a statewide housing shortage have cleared a major hurdle in the California Legislature.

In the past week, state lawmakers voted to send hundreds of bills to the opposite chamber, putting them one step closer to becoming law. Here’s a look at where the biggest proposals stand:


The Senate approved a measure to block the state from contracting with companies that want to help build the border wall championed by Trump, one of more than a dozen Democratic proposals to resist the Republican president’s immigration agenda.

You wouldn’t want to keep out little Pedro, here, would you?

These people are flat-out putting the security of America in jeopardy by defying the federal government like this. The wall is a security measure.

The government of California is aiding and abetting criminals.

All these people need to be arrested and charged with treason.

Trump’s vow to build a wall on the country’s Mexico border, much of which would run through California, has drawn particular ire from lawmakers. The state shouldn’t do business with companies that work on the project, which is harmful to immigrant families and the environment, said Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Bell Gardens Democrat who authored the bill, SB30.

It’s only harmful to illegal immigrants – but then again, they don’t make that distinction. “No human is illegal,” after all.

If that’s the best effort they can muster for a protest sign, I don’t see how they could contribute anything to the country.

Lawmakers also advanced measures to train defense attorneys on immigration law and protect college students from federal immigration officials. Another would bar employers from letting federal immigration agents access their worksites and files without a warrant or subpoena, an effort to prevent raids.

Republicans charge the measures are designed to score political points rather than enact good policy. They characterize some of the proposals, including the border wall bill, as overreaching. Republican Sen. Jeff Stone said state shouldn’t blacklist companies bidding on a lucrative contract.

Also moving forward are measures to prohibit local governments from contracting with private prisons to detain immigrants, and to reduce using false documents to conceal immigration status from a felony to misdemeanor.

The Cali government is strictly representing the interests of illegal immigrants over those of actual American citizens. That’s what all their policies are geared towards.

Calexit is starting to sound better and better.

And yes, the wall will cover the entirety of the Californian border as well.