California: Happy-Looking White Teens Spark Outrage for “Racist” Prom Proposal

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

You should see the amount of outrage this innocent-looking picture has generated.

Daily Mail:

Two California teenagers have come under fire for their racist prom proposal sign that displayed the n-word on a poster.

A photo of the teenagers smiling and posing with a sign that reads: ‘Bianca, You are racist but I would give anything for you to go to prom with me.’

On the poster, certain letters were painted in bold and capitalized to spell out the n-word.

The image was circulated on Twitter and Instagram and shows teens Bianca Daalfonso and Nick Zwygart, as identified on social media, who attend Palos Verdes High School in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.

The racist photograph has sparked outrage among students and parents who demand that the school investigate the image and ban the students from attending prom for their blatant display of racism.

They’re calling it a “blatant display of racism,” but it’s actually just a blatant display of their sense of humor. It’s obviously a joke, but we’re not supposed to have fun.

Kids are not allowed to laugh anymore unless they laugh about Jewish-approved synthetic humor.

These “adults” are incredible. Calling the kids “stupid” because they kinda wrote “nigger” in a prom proposal?

What level of political correctness on you on?


It’s just a word and they weren’t even calling anyone a nigger.

What the fuck?

They’ve chosen villainy.”



These goyim are eager to throw their own under the bus to gain some imaginary good goy points.

The principal has issued a statement saying that he’s activated some kind of thought crime tribunal.



Everyone acting as if this prom proposal is a serious offense worthy of punishment is clinically insane.

This isn’t the first “inappropriate” prom proposal and it won’t be the last — despite the intentions of humorless golems.

What really bothers these people is that these white kids are happy.

Just look at them again.

They both look happy and healthy and they don’t look like degenerates, which means there’s a pretty decent chance of them making one of the Jews’ worst nightmares: a white family.

The thought of these teenagers possibly marrying and having kids sends shivers down the spines of Jews.

Jews can’t allow whites to have any kind of inside joke because that would mean a bond exists, and Jews have worked pretty hard to break all bonds between whites.

You’re just an individual, goy. The super secret forbidden philosophers told me that.

Don’t get any ideas about connecting with other whites and having “communities” and such because that’s literally communism.