California: Almost One Million Driver’s Licenses Have Been Issued to Illegal Aliens

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2017

America will not survive into the future unless these nice boys are given driver’s licenses to vote!

Here we have another obviously insane situation. The state of California has gone wild with issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Sacramento Bee:

Nearly a million undocumented drivers could be licensed in California by the end of the year.

Through June 2017, the Department of Motor Vehicles has issued approximately 905,000 driver’s licenses under Assembly Bill 60, the law requiring applicants to prove only their identity and California residency, rather than their legal presence in the state.

Passed in 2013, after more than 15 years of lobbying by advocates, AB 60 was intended to bolster public safety and reduce penalties for undocumented immigrants who drive. When it finally took effect at the beginning of 2015, making California the 10th state to offer driver’s licenses to immigrants living in the country illegally, the response was so immense that it doubled initial expectations.

That pace has since slowed considerably. The DMV issued about 11,000 AB 60 licenses last month, the lowest number since the program launched. There have been approximately 83,000 issued in the first half of 2017, only slightly more than March 2015, when the monthly total peaked with 76,000.

One of the political strategies employed by the Democrat party has been to flood the United States with illegal aliens. This has been done to increase the amount of Democrat voters. Most illegals end up supporting Democrats. The current political situation in California is proof of this. California is a solidly Democrat state and much of it has to do with the beaner invasion that’s taken place over the past 50 years.

These driver’s licenses can be used by illegals as identification to vote. It is a big problem that hopefully the President’s commission on vote fraud can get to the bottom of.

It is a joke when the Jewish media claims that there is no proof of vote fraud when there are nearly a million illegal aliens in California alone who have been given the ability to vote. That in of itself is vote fraud. Non-citizens shouldn’t vote for obvious reasons. If this was codified into law, there’d be nothing to prevent anybody in the world from casting votes in American elections.

California is practically a lost cause at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens with the CalExit movement.

While not ideal, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if California voted to become its own country. They can always be reintegrated into the country after a new Adolf Hitler like figure wins the presidency in 2024.