By the Way, There’s Probably Going to be a War in Ukraine

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2018

I know, I know. Old news. And confusing news too. There’s been something resembling a peasant’s uprising, a civil war, an annexation and then a military intervention in Ukraine all in the last couple of years.

It’s hard to figure out where things stand now exactly.

But in the East, the active phase of the “anti-terror” operation launched by Kiev is over. They signed some peace deal in Minsk that the Russians desperately cling to and wave in front of the cameras everytime the Ukrainian goes, “lol jk” and starts shelling anyway along the DMZ.

Now, the Ukrainian army does this “leap-frogging” thing which is basically them quickly seizing towns in the “grey” zone between the two enemy lines. It’s a way to tell people back home that they’re doing something and winning the war on terror, I s’pose.

So it’s been like this for almost a year now. Leap-frogging, intermitent shelling, treaty-signing.

Boring, boring, boring.

Now though, there’s been a new bill passed in the Ukrainian Rada called, the “Donbass Reintegration” bill.


The newly-adopted Ukrainian law on ‘restoring sovereignty over the Donetsk and Lugansk regions’ shows that Kiev is determined to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine by force, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The law grants Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “unlimited powers to silence dissent, similar to those of a dictator,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.It cannot be described otherwise than as preparation for a new war,” it added.

The law calls Russia an “aggressor” and defines the authorities of the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics as “occupying administrations.” The ministry said the law constitutes Kiev’s attempt to shun responsibility for the destruction of eastern Ukraine and the suffering of its people wrought by the Kiev-launched military operation. The Ukrainian government prefers seeking to shift the blame to Russia, the ministry added.

And don’t forget that this isn’t the same rag-tag bunch of demoralized conscripts, international desperados, and Galician SS enthusiasts preparing for war this time.

The Americans have been training the Ukrainian army and supplying them weapons. Trump allowed the sale of lethal weapons to Kiev late last year. 

Uncle Sam has even sent his top-tier Mexicans to bring his new ally up to speed.


And there’s plans to give them even bigger, shinier toys to use in the near future.

Some of the weapons actually stayed with the army, and weren’t immediately pawned off on the black weapons market, so the Ukrainian army is in much better shape this time.


Are they going to attack? A lot of people seem to think so.

The Russian media is losing its mind. They seem to only slowly be realizing that treaties are worth hardly more than the paper they’re written on nowadays.

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on something starting up there very soon. And it doesn’t matter what side you favor in this conflict, this civil war should be viewed as a tragic affair.

We really can’t afford to tolerate any more White civil wars going forward. Only the Jews benefit from those tbh, fam and deep down you know it too.

Unless you’re a Jew. In which case this is good news for you! Remember:

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  1. I don’t really see this as a ‘brothers war’. Those people in the east are straight up communists, and should either kill themselves since you know better dead than red, or leave for Russia. Ukraine is already corrupt as fuck; supplying ultranationalists more weapons to finish up the war is preferred, that way they can go unjew their country and stop wasting time. I guess there’s some benefit to Russia just owning Ukraine so the jews can’t get it, but then again so many Russians are brainwashed about WW2 and the Russian government hates racial nationalists. A truly fucked up situation that they’re in. Show no mercy to the commies I say.

  2. They aren’t literally communists. Or at least not in the way that you know Communism aka Cultural Marxism in the West. They are evoking the kind of Russian nationalistic communism that Stalin created after getting rid of Trotsky and the rest of the Jews.

    Those people that you call communists are people who are opposed to homosexual parades, who are opposed to non-white and non-christian immigration, who are opposed to race-mixing m, etc, etc.

    At the same time they do not want to go back to the old Soviet policies. They have nothing against their country having a capitalist economy and private businesses. They want the economy of the West minus all the degeneracy. The hammer and sickle is effectively their swastika.

  3. I don’t agree with miscegenation at all. However, white/Japanese mixing is preferred over white/nigger mixing. I used to work with some Ukrainian gurls. Completely different from American ones. I did most of the hard labor in the job. So one day one of them asked me what my last name is. I told her my Norwegian/Scottish name. She told me straight up she wanted my babies. What I’m getting at is European gurls care about your ethics and genes. American gurls normally only care about swag and money.

  4. This sickens me, as I know a lot of truly decent Ukrainians and Russians who live in the U.S… For fuck sakes can White people stop killing each other for the sake of Kikes already!

    The Ukrainians need to turn their hatred against their illegally, CIA installed, Kike President!

    And they can hunt down that bastard Soros while they’re at it… STOP KILLING YOUR BROTHERS, or soon the BROWNS will be flooding into your countries to fill the void!

    Stop being Jew Puppets!


    Addendum 2: You can bet that most of the information the poor average Ukrainian gets to hear or see (just like here in JewMerica) is disseminated through the stinkin’ Kike propaganda machine, which I’m sure is constantly inciting hatred against the Russians based on past history…

    Which is really funny, Jews inciting Ukrainians to hate Russians because of a time when Jews took over Russia and committed autocracies against Ukrainians… And it’s pretty easy for me to tell these people to wake up, you are being duped by the Kikes, when here in JewMerika, most of all our people are brainwashed by the KikeStream propaganda machine every stinkin’ day!

  5. Kiev = More jews than ever

    Donbas = Fighting against jew control

  6. I spent much time in Eastern Ukraine … they are VERY jewwise. …

    The socalled nationalists in Kiev are doing everything the kike says.

    Kiev is more corrupt and dysfunctional than ever (kiked). The Donbas people DO NOT WANT TO BE RULED BY THE KIKE

  7. Aside from the Jewish conspiracy theories, they are definitely White nationalists, they simply don’t use such terms to describe themselves. They are even devout Orthodox Christians and go to church. And as such, they are somewhat aware of the Jewish stuff, at least the smarter of them. Also many of them are anti-Jewish simply on a religious basis. At the end of the day, those people are still normies, but they are far more aware about the world than the normies in the West.

    Vladimir Putin is also somewhat compromised by the Jews, no denial.

    But if you have to choose between Putin’s Russia and Jewkraine, then there’s no reason to go with Jewkraine at all.

    Kiev already has faggot parades and they are using those same SS LARP-ers to guard the faggots…

  8. Ukraine will never ever win back the separatist areas militarily because the Russian gouvernement will never allow it. It’s very simple.

    The only way for this conflict to stop is either to freeze it (that means that Ukraine stops shelling, mostly civilians) or if Ukraine accepts to give a lot of autonomy and an amnesty to the leaders of DLPR (the current Kiev government will never do it without American pressure).

    As for Ukraine being kiked, it’s very simple: the IMF and the World Bank got their dirty Jewish feet in, utilities (heating, electricity, etc) among other taxes have been raised up to seven fold or more. Utilities are now more expensive than elderly monthly pensions ( whereas it is still very cheap on the separatist area).
    Despite the country’s poverty, most houses and apartments are privately owned by the population in Ukraine, contrary to western Europe and the USA. The international kikery will own the country like they own Europe within a few years as they have already started sucking its blood… Kikes know no limits and Ukrainian nationalists are their useful IDIOTS.

  9. The root problem of this all Ukraine-Russia problem is US State Department, they want war and Ukraine’s situation is a good opportunity to start it from there.
    It seems no one ever mentions State Department here. It’s full of faggots and kikes the same ones who wanted Hillary so badly to win.




    Homophobia is still widespread in Ukraine, but there was also widespread international support for the march. Amnesty International asked Kiev authorities to approve the march and protect its participants. The US embassy to Ukraine supported the event, and the EU Delegation called on police "to effectively ensure that all persons can exercise their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly without putting their personal safety at risk."

    Randy Berry to take part in Ukraine Pride events

    President Obama in 2011 issued a memorandum that directed agencies responsible for U.S. foreign policy to promote LGBT rights.

    Special U.S. Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons Randy Berry has traveled to more than 40 countries since he assumed his post within the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in April 2015. The career diplomat is scheduled to take part in Pride commemorations in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev later this month.

    EDIT: Just recently Trump replaced Spain’s homo ambassador to a family man, but the faggot Randy Berry is still the ‘faggot-envoy’.

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