Burkina Faso Journalists Consider France’s Vibrant Football Team to be African

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

Today I learned that there is a country called “Burkina Faso.”

Obviously, it’s not a real country. There are no real countries in Africa. Africa is just one giant warzone in which different brands of nigger fight over territories and resources, and at some point white men decided to arrange lines on a map to give the continent some semblance of order.

Anyway, journalists from this “Burkina Faso” are so impressed with the diversity of France’s national football team that they consider it African!

Sometimes it really does take a low IQ to point out the obvious…


A newspaper in Burkina Faso has hailed the French national squad an “African team” due to the high proportion of diverse players.

The comments come from the African nation’s French-language paper Aujourd’hui au Faso, which reads: “Of the 34 players (23 + 11 reservists), there are 23 Africans (20 black and 3 Maghreb [North Africa]), 7 French and 4 people from other origins. In a nutshell, Africa is still competing at this 2018 Russia World Cup via her sons.”

“We can say with a touch of irony, but not without legitimate pride, that ‘African’ France avenged Africa, eliminating Argentina,” the paper said noting that Argentina had knocked out Nigeria in the group stage of the tournament.

Aujourd’hui au Faso was not the only media in the African nation to label France an “African team.” The paper La Pays noted: “Still, Africa does not despair in the world where some now put their hope in the French team, described by many Africans, with a little humour on social networks as the ‘6th African team‘ because of the origins of many French players.”

Nothing to disagree with here. Look at France’s current team:

The whites have the same face I do when I’m driving through a black neighborhood at 2am.

Any Frenchman who cheers for these apes on the pitch and claims that they represent France deserves to be whipped with a baguette, stripped of his beret and forced to pronounce “chowder” the correct American way in front of a live audience:

Of course, it’s unfair – albeit fun – to just pick on France. Most of the Western European football teams are enriched to varying degrees, with Belgium and England also being hit particularly hard with the Sledgehammer of Vibrancy:

Meanwhile, the teams of countries that just so happen to be free from kikes, such as Japan and Senegal, are homogeneous and don’t present their supporters with a confusing display of national identity:

Really gets the noggin’ joggin’, doesn’t it?

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