Brutal Black Savage Pleads Guilty to Butchering His Offspring’s White Grandmother

WSB Radio
June 3, 2015

Peggie Lynn Robinson was murdered by the savage when she returned his Black infant back to him.

The family of a Gwinnett County woman who was stabbed to death in December 2013 as she helped in a custody exchange is speaking out now that the suspect has pleaded guilty.

Wolf Griffin entered his plea Friday in Gwinnett Superior Court preventing the case from going to trial. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Wolf Griffin stabbed her to death while looking into her eyes between each blow.

Griffin brutally stabbed 61-year-old Peggie Lynn Robinson as she dropped off his six-year-old son who considered her like his grandmother.

The child’s mother, Cecelia Hebert, is the girlfriend of Robinson’s adult son, Dennis, and was involved in a bitter custody battle at the time with Griffin.

Griffin told police he saw Hebert’s face as he delivered each blow.

The son on the left made a bad choice in dating someone with a Black infant.

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