Bruce Wayne Divorce: Cucked; Loses Fortune, Fires Alfred, Loses Himself to Alcohol

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2018

Ben Affleck thought he could keep going at it forever. He thought he could sell his life for money, fame, women, whatever, and that it would never catch up with him.

He was wrong.

There is no escape.

Daily Mail:

Ben Affleck is driven to THIRD rehab stint by estranged wife Jennifer Garner after she arrives for an intervention ‘with a lawyer and a bible’… following his ‘wild week of partying with Playboy model, 22’ and split from TV producer girlfriend

Remember his meltdown on that conversation about Islam?

Watch the Ben Affleck bits on that video. Look closely at his body language.

What does his body language tell you?

Highly emotional, lacks self-control, or any kind of control for that matter. That’s not how a man who’s in control acts.

Never act like Ben Affleck.

You should always be in control of yourself, and in control of the situation and interaction. If you’re not in control of the situation, you should be friends with the man who is. If you’re not friends with the man who’s in control of the situation, you should befriend him, or get out of the situation.

Ben Affleck is a broken man.

He’s been defeated time and time again. His fight is against himself.

Last year Ben revealed he completed a stint in rehab last December and checked into rehab in 2001.

Think about how low he’s fallen for his ex-wife to drive him to rehab after he got drunk when cunt model Shuana Sexton dumped him, just like Lindsay Shookus did before her.

What is wrong with him?

Shuana? Juana? Joanna?



Where does he even find these ridiculously-named front-holes?

“Her” biceps are thicker than his.

Ben has been broken by the hedonistic lifestyle that bleeds into our culture through the gashes which Jews clawed in reality itself, as did it break countless other souls before his. He wasn’t strong enough to resist.

He wasn’t strong enough to impose his will over what was spoon-fed to him by evil, hairy nostrils with humanoid-looking carcasses attached to them in order to blend them in human society.

Deep down, Ben knows his identity, the very base of his being, is built on shaky ground. Contradictions abound and he has no real purpose.

Why are you even still alive, Ben?

Your wife abandoned you. You’re getting divorced. All the women you’ve been with have abandoned you.

And now this evil, bloodsucking divorce-slut will steal the only thing Ben ever had to offer: his money.

At least she’s not obese, but boy – did she let herself go. She looks like a 70-year old cat lady with irritable bowel syndrome.

They didn’t have a prenup and now he’s going to pay in full for that mistake.

He’s already dressing like shit.

Look at that. Stained clothes, baggy pants that are just plain ugly, and don’t convince anyone that he hasn’t let himself go a little. We can see your chin, Ben. We can see those colors that signal that you’ve lost your psyche.

…and his eyes. There’s clearly something wrong with them in the above picture.

He can’t even afford to dress like a man anymore, because he decided to marry a whore that took everything away from him the moment she smelled his blood in the water.

The moment he was the weakest, she struck the hardest.

Now she plays the concerned ex-wife role so the judges give her as much of what’s left of Ben as possible. She’s playing the contrast game, trying to make him look worse on purpose. Not that Ben would need help with that, but still, she’s doing a great job.

She even drove him around town when he was drunk so people and papparazzi could film him and take pictures. You have to admit, she’s pretty clever for a golddigger.

What kind of man would let his children see him like that?

What kind of man would marry a cunt that already divorced a man?

The only good thing he ever did was getting the bloodsucking front-hole pregnant.

At least there’s three more white kids in the world now.

It’s up to us to educate them and remove the self-hatred transmitted to them by Ben and their whore-mother.

As for Ben… he’ll find solace in alcohol until his eventual suicide.

Let him serve as a warning to everyone, a reminder of what matters and what doesn’t in this world.

Fame, money, good-looks, whores to fuck – all of this means nothing.

If you don’t have what matters, you’ll end up like Ben.

You have a true, noble purpose.

Don’t sell it. It’s the only thing you have.

Your purpose is to fight for the survival of your people.

You must fight for Justice.

You must fight against Heresy.

If you have eyes to see it, you know, in your heart, what must be done. Your purpose is written into every drop of your own blood.

You are living in a time of degeneracy like nothing your ancestors could have ever imagined.

It must be cleansed.

Deus Vult.

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