Brown Savage Who Murdered White Nurse Deemed “Incompetent to Proceed” in Case

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

Kenneth Freeman.

Of course he’s incompetent – he’s black!

Or possibly some kind of beaner!

Just give him the rope already!

FOX 6 News:

A Milwaukee County judge ruled Kenneth Freeman is “incompetent to proceed at this time but is likely to become competent.” Freeman is charged in the murder of Carlie Beaudin.

Beaudin, 33, a Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner, was found brutally beaten in a hospital parking structure on Jan. 25. Freeman allegedly kicked and stomped Beaudin roughly 40 times in the head and neck before ditching her body.

In court Tuesday, the judge found Freeman “is not competent to refuse psychotropic medication or treatment due to mental illness.” The court ordered Freeman commitment for treatment for incompetency.

The case is now adjourned until June 4 — when a doctor’s report on Freeman is expected to be filed.

Carlie Beaudin.