British Police Too Busy Dealing with Hate Crimes to Respond to Actual Emergencies

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2018

The United Kingdom is the nation equivalent of an obese man who uses a scooter to navigate Walmart.

You know that there’s nothing stopping him from improving his situation if he just had the will, but he doesn’t. He’s just too addicted to that high-calorie enrichment, and he’d rather suffer from a fatal heart attack than admit he has a problem.


As forces in Britain declare tackling so-called hate crime a “priority”, the police watchdog has released a report revealing officers are taking days to respond to emergency calls.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) asserted that “the system is under severe strain and in some forces the cracks are showing” in its annual review of policing in England and Wales, which found that there were “considerable delays” in response to 999 calls for assistance in two forces.

Vulnerable people are being put “at risk” by the lack of timely response from some forces, according to the report, which disclosed that between 20 per cent and 50 per cent of reports requiring police to send a unit within 24 hours missed the target in one region.

While the number of arrests has seen a dramatic fall in recent years, despite large increases in recorded crime, arrests over “hateful” comments posted online have risen as much as 877 per cent in some parts of England, as the Metropolitan Police boasts of having more than 900 specialist “hate crime” investigators.

With dedicated “hate crime coordinators”, forces across the country have officers touring mosques, colleges, schools, and community centres urging people to report any perceived slights to their “identity” following the government’s 2016 release of an ‘action plan’ in which ‘success’ is defined as maximising the number of ‘hate’ complaints.

Police dedication to driving up the number of so-called hate crime reports is such that three forces in the northwest of England recently held a weeklong campaign out of concern that officers “see a reduction in reports of hate crime at this time of year”.

I wonder what’s been going on inside the mind of the average British policeman this month.

Does he genuinely think that he’s benefiting his country when he arrests a fellow white man for tweeting something like “pls stop the gang raping of white children”?

Does he sleep better at night after reading about the conviction of Markus Meechan, secure in the knowledge that love has triumphed over hate once again?

I don’t think so. Perhaps I’m underestimating how feminized and mind-polluted the average person has become, but I refuse to believe that someone can convince themselves that they’re making Britain a safer place by ignoring its brown child rapists and prosecuting its white shitposters.

But when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter whether the average British policeman is a reluctant minion or an open traitor. The end result – the Islamification of the country and the racial conquest of its native population – remains the same.

And the people put up with it.

“Stand back, citizen! Someone uttered the N-word on this street and we’re not resting ’til he’s found!”

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