British Conservation Charity Banishes Volunteers Who Refuse to Celebrate Sodomy

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

The National Trust is the largest membership organization in the United Kingdom.

To volunteer for this popular and prestigious conservation charity, you’re expected to have an appreciation for the following: historic properties and gardens, classical oil paintings and sculptures, men who bugger other men up the arse, and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

It also helps if you have a love for Britain’s national parks and their flora and fauna.


National Trust members are threatening to cancel their membership after it was revealed that volunteers were banished to the back room, out of sight of visitors, for refusing to wear a gay pride badge.

Members contacted The Telegraph to say they would no longer financially support the conservation society, with one saying he had removed the charity as a beneficiary in his will.

Ten volunteers at Felbrigg Hall refused to wear the rainbow lanyards and badges, to mark 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, in protest at the Trust’s decision to ‘out’ the Hall’s former owner, poet and historian Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, who bequeathed the estate to the Trust after his death in 1969.

As a result, volunteers who refused were asked “not to be on duty in a visitor-facing role” during the summer’s ‘Prejudice and Pride’ campaign, according to emails seen by The Telegraph.

“By wearing the lanyard we are sending a clear message of welcome to all of our visitors,” wrote Ella Akinlade, the general manager at Felbrigg Hall.

Haha, stupid bitch!

You’re not sending a “clear message of welcome” to visitors if you’re banishing the ones who don’t agree with faggotry to the back room, are you?

This message is nothing more than a big middle finger to the majority of the National Trust’s volunteers and donors, who tend to be older and conservative.

These Aryan Princesses of ours, eh?

Perhaps Ella would be better off managing children instead of a 17th century English mansion to which she has no ancestral link.

Ella Akinlade: yet another woman who’s been added to the Daily Stormer list of White women who’ll be required to wear burkas in the coming years.

All things considered, though, I’m pleased when this kind of drama makes the headlines.

The average White person is becoming increasingly sick and tired of the Fag Agenda elbowing its way into places in which it isn’t even relevant, and those sentiments are only going to become more pronounced as that agenda’s aggressiveness increases.

Furthermore, the angrier people become with homosexualism, the more receptive they’ll be when we White Supremacists get into power and say, “So… about these rump rangers. How about we start throwing them off of rooftops?”

Funnily enough, the National Trust owns a lot of historic buildings whose rooftops would make prime fag-throwing locations. Let’s make it happen!