British Teenager “Penetrated in Every Single Orifice” by Moslem Invaders

Daily Stormer
May 25, 2017

How long, O Lord, how long?

How long before we realize that mass importing the lowest trash from the Moslem world is less than optimal for our societies?

How long before we reclaim the bravery and vigor of our glorious ancestors?

How long before we become men again and protect our women and children from these vile beasts?


The four men accused of gang raping a teenage girl two-and-a-half-times the drink drive limit ‘passed her around like an entertainment device’, a court has heard.

Giving his closing speech to the jury in the final days of a four-week-long trial, prosecutor Simon Taylor accused the co-defendants of ‘plotting’ and ‘lying’ their way out of the evidence held against them.

He said: Every single orifice had been penetrated by the group of men, while others watched, laughed and joined in themselves.”

It is alleged the rape took place in the early hours of Sunday, September 18 above 555 Pizza and Kebab.

The prosecution said all the four defendant’s DNA was found at the scene of the rape in Hamidy’s room.

Mr Taylor said the girl had been drinking to excess, was walking the streets alone late at night, and the defendants took advantage of those features.

Mr Taylor said the alleged victim decided to leave her group of friends and walk to her friend’s house by herself, and was told by her friend on the phone to ask for directions to Cliftonville.

He then told the court she was taken to a room and raped on a ‘grubby mattress’ whilst men physically restrained her and stood by the door ‘so she knew there was no escape’.

The horror of this is just unreal, and the truly horrifying thing is that this is not one bit uncommon in countries with a significant Moslem demographic. The only thing about this that is rare is that it is being prosecuted.

I suggest everyone go read the linked article, it is disgusting and shocking.

And it has become common.

This is how a race commits suicide.

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  1. If I was in Europe I would burn down every mosley shop n residence fuck em!

  2. There are only 2 options.

    1. Submit and convert to islam.
    2. Call out the army, point guns at their heads and say, GTFO! (They are not going to leave voluntarily)
      I believe their strategy is to continue the rapes, attacks and bombings until we throw our hands up in the air in despair and surrender. This, of course, is option 1.
      Oh, and by the way, “Thanks jews”.
  3. Finally a British chic w fucken balls good for her.


    Muslims allowed to kill and rape Christian girls

    The Islamic spiritual leader gave permission to Muslims who are fighting in Syria against Bashar Assad to cruelly rape and kill Christian women and girls. On this, April 5, the American media reported.
    It became known that the Sunni Sheikh Yasser al-Ajlouni stated that Muslims who took part in the jihad and who are trying to establish the power of the Sharia should seize and rape Christian women.
    The victim of this permission was a young Christian girl from Aleppo, she was in the zone of liberation by Islamic rebels.

    The Muslims, under the cries of Allahu Akbar, violently raped an innocent girl, were then brutally murdered.

    To show their hatred of Christians, they stuck their victim in the mouth of the cross.

    In his address, the Islamic theologian called Christian and non-Muslim women “melk al-yamin - non-Muslim sex slaves”.

  5. “Mr Taylor said the girl had been drinking to excess, was walking the streets alone late at night” and then ask for direction to Cliftonville in a Kebab shop…

    uhmmm…sounds like a legit ayran princess…not that one shouln´t take revenge on the perps but…yeah…90% of all these shitty stories could have been prevented by simply not doing stupid stuff

    white sharia !

  6. moslems = golf ball that hits you

    jew = golfer

    Jews are the ultimate problem

  7. That pic of the girl tied up with a cross shoved down her throat should be seen by every tolerant Christian

  8. It’s our own governments that are bringing them into the West.
    To think that any military or law enforcement agency is going to get
    rid all this trash is delusional.
    Law enforcement exists to keep Whitey from resisting.
    Trump was probably the most unPC politician since George Wallace
    and he essentially caved in less than three months of being elected.
    We are not going to reclaim our lands by voting.

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