Britain: Pedophiles Orchestrate Online Revenge Campaign to Make Pedo-Hunter Look Like a Pedophile Himself

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2018

“So Jews can suck blood out of baby dicks, but I can’t do it just for sport? How can this sick double standard still exist in CURRENT YEAR?” – British Pedophile, current year

I was always shocked that Britain, probably the single cuckiest country in Europe (sorry Sweden, you’re #2) not only has people actively trying to get pedophiles arrested, but that the vast majority of them haven’t been arrested for islamophobia and/or adultism.

The pedophiles in Britain were probably just as shocked as I am, so it seems they’ve started taking matters into their own hands.


Paedophiles have sought revenge by portraying a vigilante, who has brought 28 sex offenders to justice, as a paedophile.

First of all – the guy is not a vigilante, you idiots.

He was gathering evidence then sending it to the police/justice system.

Actually harming would’ve been vigilantism.

Josh Blakely was forced to stop hunting for paedophiles and is too afraid to leave the house in fear of being attacked if someone recognises him from the six-month online hate campaign.

The 38-year-old, from West Kensington, London, said: ‘I fear for my own safety now. If someone recognises me from what they have done I could be attacked by people thinking I am a sex offender.

‘People attack sex offenders in their society and people might think I am a sex offender if they see this online.

People don’t attack sex offenders in Britain, if they did all the moslems, kikes and politicians there be able to leave the house.

‘It’s taken my identity away from me, it’s taken my freedom away from me. They control my life.’

I tried joogling this guy a couple of times, and the first few hits are about this article or articles from other outlets who write about what happened to him, so things might be getting better for him.

But the fake – mostly poorly made – ones are still popping up on the first page.

How (((strange))) that joogle somehow can’t manage to do something about it, despite them being very efficient when it comes to censoring people who make fun of fat women for getting heart attacks.

Blakely believes members of a paedophile ring, who feared he would target them next, stole images of him and created dozens of fake social media accounts, videos and website to wrongly paint him as a sex offender.

The trolls even photoshopped images of Blakely to make it look like he had publicly demonstrated in a campaign to reduce the age of consent to six years old.

He’s ‘pictured’ with a poster that reads: ‘I Josh Blakely demand Govt to lower the legal age of consent to six years old for boys and girls. Paedophiles are people! #SexWithKids.’

If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will eventually use Photoshop to make you look like a pedophile

He now fears the next step is to try to set him up as a paedophile and make it look like he is trying to groom a child.

Blakely said: ‘They have taken serious allegations to the police about the hunting community to try to get people arrested.

‘It’s very dangerous. They even posted up my home address and made threats to come and get me.

‘I don’t even go out and socialise anymore, I am single and shut myself in my own home like a prisoner.’

Well I’m sure those big tech companies who care so much about the TRUTH came through and helped you, right?

Despite Blakely reporting the images and social media pages, new Twitter profiles, YouTube accounts and LiveLeak videos describing him as a ‘nonce’ and a member of a ‘child porn paedophile ring’ continuously pops up.

Oh wait, nevermind.

They were too busy banning people the Jews don’t like.

Pure evil…

Blakely said he’s struggling to get a job because every time employers Google him ‘sex offender’ is the first thing they see.

He said: ‘I can’t get employment because employers won’t want to employ someone that everywhere says is a sex offender. Even though I can prove that I am not a sex offender it doesn’t stop them from thinking it.’

Blakely continued: ‘I feel I know who it is – it is paedophiles who we have tried to expose or who feel threatened by the work we did.

‘I became well-known and respect in the community through the good work we were doing catching these paedophiles.

Doesn’t sound like the “community” is trying to do a lot to help this guy…

But what about the cops?

I mean, he was practically doing their job and asking for nothing in return, so surely they wanted to return the favor, right?

He explained that he has taken evidence into the police station but said ‘they don’t take it very seriously.’

A Met Police spokesperson said: ‘[We] can confirm officers from Hammersmith and Fulham are investigating allegations of malicious communications via social media.

‘The allegations were reported by the male victim on 25 Feb 2018. A number of inquiries are currently ongoing.

‘The victim has been updated as to the status of the investigation and advised that allegations of this nature can take time to investigate. There have been no arrests.’

So basically, they’re not doing shit.

Good to know.

Also, does anyone else get an uncontrollable grin every time they see a crime called “malicious communications?”

I sure do.

And the thing is exactly what it sounds like.


The Malicious Communications Act 1988 (MCA) is a British Act of Parliament that makes it illegal in England and Wales to “send or deliver letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety”. It also applies to electronic communications.

No wonder most of the best dystopian literature ever written comes from Anglos, nobody else can even imagine stuff like this.

“Oy mate, yer goin’ tah prison for causin anxiety with’a letta!”

As for the guy himself, he’s probably fucked.

Which is a shame, since he was doing good work.

People like this usually do good work, sometimes better than intended.

Another article, also from today

The cops won’t do shit (in fact, he’s lucky they haven’t arrested him), the (((tech companies))) won’t bother doing anything either and the “community” he was trying to do something for are a bunch of atomized cowards and weaklings who don’t care about anything.

I strongly suggest to anyone trying to do stuff like this, or anyone really, to not put anything real on social media – no names, no dates, no pictures, nothing.

Most people who use these retarded data farms have no idea how the things they post online can come back to bite them.

I bet if I take a random Facebook account of anyone anywhere in the world, I can find out where they live just by looking at their pictures and using joogle maps within 20 minutes or so.

So just say NO.

Oh, and pedophilia is bad too, don’t do that either, ok?

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