Britain: Memes are Causing Obesity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

Your standard classic meme influencing thoughts to this day.

A new reason to ban memes, goyim.


It’s been a bad few weeks for memes.

In mid-September the European Parliament passed a new copyright law that some have dubbed a “meme ban.”

Then Sweden’s advertising watchdog ruled that the popular “distracted boyfriend” meme is sexist.

Now, academics have told British lawmakers that internet memes may be contributing to the UK obesity crisis and doing harm to teenagers on a significant scale.

Memes carry dangerous health-related messages and make light of unhealthy eating habits, researchers from Loughborough University wrote in a letter sent to a British parliamentary committee.

“A substantial number of individuals on Twitter share health-related Internet memes, with both positive and negative messages,” they wrote, noting that many “contain inappropriate material.”

A picture of an overweight child with the caption “Free food? Count me in!” was sent along with the letter as an example of a meme the researchers found dangerous.

The academics were also concerned by a meme that created a human-like body from pictures of pizzas and hamburgers, with frankfurters used for limbs and a smiley-faced potato for a face.

The body was captioned “me” and placed alongside images of three well-defined bodies for comparison.

“The vast majority of sharers display little, if any, emotion when sharing these memes,” the academics commented.

“Just washed this chocolate bar with soap,” read the caption to another image included in the letter, along with #cleaneating.

“Internet memes are generally viewed as entertaining but they also represent a body of cultural practice that does not account for the specific needs and rights of teenagers,” the researchers warned.

“Unhealthy lifestyles cost the NHS billions every year,” they added, suggesting that “the dangers of inaccurate/inappropriate health messages” contained in memes could be a contributing factor.

So, as a certain group of hook-nosed rats likes to say: let’s unpack this.

Firstly, yes, I assume memes can contribute to obesity, in the most general sense – fat people can get social confirmation that it is okay to be fat from memes.

One might note that the mainstream media is outright campaigning for this with various “fat acceptance” and “healthy at every size”

The media has been putting fat women on magazine covers and saying it’s healthy.

The fat cow Ashley Graham was put on the cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and heavily airbrushed to hide her cellulite.

When a healthy, thin former SI model came out and said that she didn’t agree with it, because it was encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle, the same filthy Jew media that is saying memes make people fat attacked and berated her, leading to a full NPC assault.

The fact that random people on the internet might be better at justifying obesity with imagery than Sports Illustrated…

…is neither here nor there.

It’s already been officially decided and uploaded to the core NPC kernel that fatness is good and healthy, and anyone who questions that deserves to be witch-hunted into oblivion.

So why are they attacking memes for doing something that they themselves do and support?

They are just choosing a random issue to attack memes based on.

Because memes must be attacked, as memes have given THE PEOPLE back the power to influence the public mind. And this is very, very dangerous to the ruling kikes.

Look: what are the mainstream medias, both entertainment and news, if not meme machines?

They are disseminators of information packets in the form of words associated with images.

The ability to create memes and then disseminate them is the ultimate power. And the internet has democratized this ability, making it so that anyone with the will and the intelligence to create powerful memes can distribute them to as many eyes as Hollywood or CNN.

They want to shut this ability down.

The system as it exist now is entirely based on the ability of the ruling kikes to exercise complete and total control over information. And they have already seen what the loss of that monopoly on memes means in the real world.

Trump’s election victory was entirely based on the internet giving THE PEOPLE the ability to disseminate a narrative different than the one being pushed by elite globalist Jews.

In the two years since Trump’s victory, everything has been focused on trying to shut down everything that made that victory possible – and virtually all of that amounts to attacking and restricting freedom of speech on the internet.

We have seized the memes of production, and our narrative is better than their narrative based on the simple fact that it is true.

Few people understood this power.

I did.

I don’t think the Jews really did very much at all before the Trump election, which is why shutting everything down became so much more of an issue post-election.

If we are going to win this war, we are going to do it with memes. That is the fact.

We must make a stand against this attempt to take our memes away.