Britain Getting More Money for Child Holocaust Indoctrination

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

There have been billions spent on Holocaust propaganda – and billions made off of it in Hollywood.

Yet with all of this money going around, no one has bothered to provide any evidence that it actually happened.

The Sun:

Philip Hammond will unveil a new fund to educate children about the Holocaust in Monday’s Budget in a bid to counter the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK.

The £1.7 million fund will help schools visit World War Two concentration camps in Germany.

It will also pay for additional school projects such as first-hand testimonies from Holocaust survivors and access to army documents and pictures.

Sources close to the Chancellor said the announcement was in response to “growing misconceptions” about anti-Semitism in Britain – and pointed the finger at Jeremy Corbyn for helping to peddle myths.

The announcement comes after figures revealed 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents took place last year – the highest ever on record.

The Treasury said the new fund will “create a more tolerant society, encouraging students to pass on their learning and experiences to their family and peers, helping to tackle misconceptions around the Holocaust”.

To be clear, not a single piece of evidence exists for fake shower room gas chambers or for any kind of a plan to exterminate Jews.

None at all.

The gas chambers were allegedly destroyed by the Soviets and then rebuilt for some reason. The remaining buildings at the camps that they say were gas chambers have been tested and it proved they were not gas chambers, and now it’s illegal to research it.

There is not a single order from any high-level German official talking about exterminating Jews, and instead we’re told they spoke in secret code.

If you get into any real debate with anyone over this, what they will start talking about is Jews being killed in Eastern Europe. There is not really very much evidence for this claim, and it is possible that the Eastern Europeans themselves were using the German invasion as an excuse to slaughter Jews. But if German soldiers were killing Jews because they suspected they might try to attack them from behind as they moved toward Russia – okay, whatever, that is not a “Holocaust,” that is just dealing with the reality of war bluntly.

Basically, an entire religion has been built on this retarded hoax. They tell you, constantly, that if white people have their own country they will start committing genocide, which is the core need for multiculturalism – to stop another Holocaust from taking place.

People need to get woke.