Britain Bans “Sexist” Advertisement as Part of Orwellian Crackdown on Normal Humans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

This is all just getting ultra-goofy.

It’s not even scary anymore. The whole concept of social-engineering used to be scary.

The Guardian:

Adverts showing a woman struggling to park a car or a man refusing to do housework while his wife cooks dinner will be banned from next year as part of an industry-wide crackdown on sexist stereotypes.

Under the new rules, British companies will no longer be able to create promotions that depict men and women engaged in gender-stereotypical activities, amid fears that such depictions are contributing to pay inequality and causing psychological harm.

Adverts will no longer be able to show a person failing to achieve a task specifically because of their gender, such as a man unable to change a nappy or a woman unable to do DIY.

The rules will also ban adverts that suggest that transforming your body will make you romantically successful, while also clarifying rules on the sexualisation of young women.

Members of the public will be able to report adverts to the regulator if they feel they breach the code.

The ASA’s Ella Smillie, who helped to devise the new rules, said: “We don’t see ourselves as social engineers, we’re reflecting the changing standards in society. Changing ad regulation isn’t going to end gender inequality but we know advertising can reinforce harmful gender stereotypes, which can limit people’s choices or potential in life.”

This ad was banned in 2015:

Because the woman is sexy.

So there you have a real kind of body-shaming going on – only the woman is shamed for being healthy and attractive, rather than for being an unhealthy slob. Jews generally want to promote ugliness and depravity, so it is logical that while promoting fatness as good they would then flip around and say that being fit and healthy is bad.

It is a wee bit funny that we have a new form of puritanism arising out of this after the Jews made this whole huge push for sexualization of everything. As it turns out, the sexualization of everything was just a method of attack on existing religious, cultural and moral standards regarding sex, and was not an end goal in itself.

That’s something I don’t really think very many people could have seen coming back in the 1990s.

I was growing up in the 90s, and I very much remember older people being outraged by the sexualization of everything. In particular, women were upset about it.

Men could be upset about hyper-sexualization of media too, but they would have to be somewhat intellectual to get to that level. Women on the other hand respond instinctively, because they naturally don’t want men looking at other women.

No men are going to push for ads with physically fit men to be banned.

If a fat man sees such an ad, rather than complaining that the healthy man is trying to “shame” him, he thinks “yeah, maybe I need to get to the gym.” Or he is just comfortable with the idea that other people look better than him.

It’s also women that are concerned about the innocence of children, and tend to push for things to be banned based on violations of children’s innocence, and when you have sexy-sexy stuff everywhere in society, children are inevitably exposed to it. As a non-sexual example of this, in the 80s-90s, there were also women pushing to protect children from Dungeons and Dragons, claiming that it was satanic.

They were also big on stopping video game violence.

Nothing about our society is anything other than Jews exploiting instincts, so it makes sense that they played on the male instinct to look at sexy women and now they’re playing on the female instinct to stop men from doing that.

Women also have an instinct to challenge men. In their own warped psyches, this is a test for the value of the man, to see if he is able to control her. So in her mind, what she actually wants is for the man to demonstrate that he can control her – that is the purpose of rebellious female behavior. However, in the modern system, where men are indoctrinated to believe they shouldn’t control women, and where they are punished both socially and legally for attempting to do that, women just continue to push and agitate for control over men.

This rebellious instinct of women is the core driver of feminism. It’s funny that the women themselves are actually pushing further and further and further because they want men to rise up and put them back in their place.

It is the instinct that they push the buttons of to get women to demand that they can’t be shown cleaning a house in an ad. Or struggling with automobiles.

Nagging is a stereotype that will no doubt be banned from ads, but the whole concept of banning these ads is a form of nagging. Funny that.