Brewing Internet War: Owen Benjamin Calls Alex Jones a Lying Scumbag

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

Over the last few months, we’ve all been watching the slow transformation of the conservative “Louder with Crowder” friendly comedian Owen Benjamin into a full-fledged neon-nazi radical extremist.

And it’s all come to a head, finally.

We know that Benjamin’s red-pilling process is complete now that he’s starting e-drama like literally every other Alt-Right figure has done in his time.

It’s become a sort of coming of age ritual. 

Another important milestone is Owen realizing that Alex Jones is not taken seriously by anybody, and we only keep him around because he is a meme factory and we appreciate the funny stuff he does to try and sell his boner pills like you would appreciate the antics of the class clown or the kid who ate bugs at recess for attention and money.

Owen Benjamin isn’t that kind of funny. He tells jokes and makes people (including me) laugh at his jokes, not at him. In fact, I’ll go right ahead and admit that I stole one of his jokes the other day. I changed it a bit and put it in an article of mine. I won’t say which, only true Owen Benjamin fans could have picked it up anyway.

Over the last few days, Benjamin has been going full white jihad on Jones over his refusal to allow him back on the show (Owen was a guest host just a couple weeks ago).

Owen calls Alex a cardio-fag and a “sweaty snake” lol.

My FactCheck meter isn’t detecting a lie…

Owen then goes off on Alex for not naming the Jews. That would be bad enough for someone claiming to be pro-Truth and anti-Globalist. But Owen also claims that Alex Jones blacklisted him for talking about the Jews on his own time. This, despite the personal friendship that Alex professed to have with Owen and the favors that Owen had done for Alex in the past.

Owen then calls Alex a snake-oil salesmen. 

Which… well… this is just objectively true. Alex does indeed sell fake pills. I thought everyone knew that and bought them anyway just to support the guy financially. This is not a controversial claim.

But I know Alex won’t take any of this well. He’s going to go into a paranoid, sweaty fit on air. Which means that this whole thing is looking to become a very serious internet fight.

This is bigger than the FAKE Joe Rogan vs Alex Jones fight, which was not only fake but gay.

Literally days after calling Joe Rogan a satanic pedo CIA agent who may or may not be a homosexual that Jesus personally told Alex to smite, the two of them kissed and made up.

That’s a serious 180 to make, you have to admit.

Owen keeps going and calls Alex a “fat little drunk.”

Come to think of it, Alex’s inebriated state of mind might explain why he has never supported The Daily Stormer or other free speech advocates, even when he had the platform to do so and a supposed pro-First Amendment position. It’s either that he’s a fat drunk or he’s a completely bought and paid for shill. Not my logic, that’s what Owen seems to be implying here. I just think he’s right on the money.

Let’s talk about Owen though. 

His live streams are seriously entertaining and way better than any other Jew-woke content out there. They’re also high energy AF and fun to listen to while working out. Highly recommend/10.

If he’s going to war with Alex Jones, I support him 100% and I bet you he’s going to win. 

Content-wise, I find his stuff more informative and entertaining than anything Alex Jones has ever put out in his life, and Owen does it all by just shouting into his computer.

If you ask me, that’s some serious talent.

And if Alex Jones decides to engage and fight back, that means his audience gets to hear Owen’s Jew-woke takes.

This is going to be a blast.