Breitbart Claims Evil Whites Threatening to Murder Jew MILO (Who is Now an Acronym)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2016


The widely-boycotted website Breitbart (archive link) is suggesting that evil Whites are trying to kill the innocent Jew MILO.

A credible threat to MILO’s event and Florida Atlantic University students has forced the cancellation of the Breitbart editor’s scheduled talk today.

According of FAU Police Department, student organizers received a communication threatening to bring firearms to the talk or by blowing up the venue.

Threats were also made to FAU students.

The threat was relayed to the F.B.I, which after investigation deemed it to be credible. The F.B.I. contacted Florida Atlantic University this morning recommending cancellation of the event and the university took the decision to pull MILO’s event.

MILO was due to give a lecture this evening entitled, “How Feminism Hurts Women.”

It is not clear who is responsible for the threat.

Yesterday, the anti-semitic and white supremacist website The Daily Stormer called yesterday for a “holy crusade” against the “kike” Milo, encouraging its readers to attend and disrupt MILO events.

This is shocking.

I mean it is shocking that they are now writing his name in all-caps as if it is an acronym. I think he’s gonna have to walk that one back. Although I will continue writing his name in all-caps as long as I have to mention him so that no one ever forgets that he tried to stylize his own name as if it were an acronym.

The rest of this stupid, but to be expected.

It’s predictable that they would blame us for death threats, and it’s predictable he would allegedly get death threats the day after my post – and not because one of you did it.

I think he probably did it himself. He’s using the SJW sympathy method. He posted a link to my article from yesterday on his Facebook page to let the stupid goyim know the big bad Hitlerists are being meanie-heads.


If you want to have a better understanding of what the MILO movement is about, go check the comments on his FB. At least half of the commenters are non-White, and many of them are Jewish. He’s turned the Alt-Right into a safespace. This is literally like a few steps a way from “White males aren’t welcome in the Alt-Right.”

Breitbart today also published an article about how sad it is that we don’t like MILO (archive link).


Check this:

Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer, published an article on the website this Tuesday that declares Milo is taking their “brand [and] symbols, and turning them against us for a neocon-Jew conservative agenda. He is rewriting our narrative, while taking everything that we have created” to supposedly use for his own ends.

Throughout the piece, Anglin brands Milo a “kike” due to his part-Jewish ancestry. According to Anglin, this is supposedly proof that “the Jews” are trying to control the narrative of the right, an idea that has been pushed for centuries by anti-semites and white supremacists alike.

“Jews manipulating society? It’s a totally made-up bit of nonsense that entire societies have believed in for thousands of years for no reason.”

Anyway, it’s clear he’s decided to go heavy on the “poor me, I’m a victim of these Whites” angle, which further indicates that he made the threatening call himself.

MILO Doesn’t Want to be the Leader of the Alt-Right

It’s important to understand that MILO isn’t trying to become the leader of the Alt-Right. He’s just trying to use it, in the same way that Glenn Beck used the Tea Party to get himself a show on Fox News. Glenn Beck stopped talking about the Tea Party as soon as it had been sucked dry.

Vox Day posted a blog yesterday attacking me for some reason (I’ve never said anything bad about the guy), in which he stated that MILO’s goal is to get a show on Fox News. And he’d know. They’re friends.

We created a movement, got massive media attention for trolling, then we allowed this kike to come in and redefine it and now it’s basically over.

Alt-Right: Now or Never

Hate to say it, fam. But I guess I have to, because no one else is going to: if we don’t get control of this term now, it’s going to be gone real soon. Alex Jones is already picking it up, and this week used it to refer to the Jew Michael Savage (nee Weiner) and well as Stephen Crowder (he actually said Hillary was a Nazi going after the Alt-Right Jew Savage). Vox Day is doing something weird with it and MILO is doing his thing.

I’m doing my best to hold down the fort here.

I’m doing interviews making sure the term is associated with White Nationalism.


But I’m the only one doing it, it seems.

It’s not too late to save it.

But it almost is.