Braving Ruin on Paul Nehlen

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2018

Braving Ruin has recently said that Paul Nehlen made a strategic error by naming the Jew and getting banned from Twitter.

His criticism is valid and not just blackpilled stupidity, however this likely will not harm Nehlen as much (if at all) as Braving seems to believe.

If this had happened a couple years ago – even maybe a few months ago – then yes, it likely would have killed any chance he had. Now however, our political beliefs are much more common and more people than ever are at least aware of them.

Even if this does have the outcome Braving seems to think, what will happen is people will also start having a conversation about this because of how high profile it is. The conversation will inevitably lead people to realize Nehlen didn’t say anything false about Jews and bring us closer to a point where it is common political discourse to discuss the influence and actions of Jews.