Brand New Hydrogen-Powered Super Trains to Make UK Debut Soon!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2019

In a desperate attempt to convince the world that it’s still a serious country, the UK has embarked on an ambitious modernization project.

The Independent:

Silent, water-emitting hydrogen-fuelled trains are to become reality in less than three years on some main lines across the UK, under ambitious plans to convert existing diesel rolling stock.

Polluting diesel engines are to be stripped out and replaced with hydrogen tanks on as many as 100 trains, under the preliminary terms of the deal.

The arrangement between UK rolling stock owner Eversholt and French firm Alstom will convert existing Class 321 trains, which were built in 1988 and are used on the Greater Anglican network.

The new trains will have a top speed of 90mph and the project has been named “Breeze”.

The technology could be in use on commuter lines across the country by 2022.

So, from what I understand, hydrogen-fuelled anything is very dangerous.

You’re basically making a bomb on rails with this hydrogen stuff.

I also believe that the “H” in the word “H-Bomb” comes from the word “Hydrogen” as well.

So let me see if I can dig up my old stoichiometry notes and puzzle this one out.

Moslems (Ji1Ha3D1) + Hydrogen (H2) + Trains (Au3Ti4Sm6) = KaBoOm2

I went ahead and I double-checked that – the chem works out. 

Seems like they’ve got some real dum-dum scientists working for them over on Cuck Island if they can’t even figure out this beginners’ Chemistry stuff.

I mean, I realize that I’m sort of humble-bragging here, but between you and me, I was offered a job out of high-school with Exxon because of how rad my test tube experiments were, but I refused to on principle because I knew that Rex Tillerson was a closet homo who ruined Boy Scouts.

At that point, I decided to give up my whiz kid prospects to focus on a career in Hate Studies – landing my first internship with the Daily Stormer in February of 2017.

But enough about me, let’s talk some more these instruments of comfortable transit, reliable punctuality, and mass destruction.  

I humbly propose a better plan.

Let’s try a different formula here.

Moslems (Ji1Ha3D1)+ Trains (Au3Ti4Sm6) taking them to ===>Death Camps (Au1Sc4H8Wi8Tz) = Bio-Fuel (Cr1Sp2Y3)

Once again, I’ve checked the formula and it works. Checkmate, science nerds.

We can make these trains good for the environment by fueling them a renewable bio-resource that replenishes rapidly – brown people. This solves the overpopulation problem, the oil overdependence situation, lowers the UK’s carbon footprint and increases the living standards of every Briton inhabiting the isles all in one fell swoop.

I bet even Black Science Man couldn’t think of something as rad as this.