Boring Primaries Today

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2016

A whole bunch of primaries today.

Of course, our fight is already over. Though I urge everyone to go vote anyway. It feels good. And it’s good for the record books.

The only interesting thing is that Hillary may well get beaten pretty badly in several states by the Jew Bernie.


Of course, she’s going to win either way. That fix is in. Aside from the delegate magic, the Blacks and Mexicans almost all vote Hillary, so Bernie just doesn’t have the demographics to win. There aren’t enough White Democrats left.

But it will be extremely humiliating for Hillary if she loses California. Polls show that she probably won’t. But she might.


Her support among her own base has been collapsing rapidly as she is now facing off directly against The Leader – a man willing to go directly for the throat of his enemies.

Email scandal isn’t helping either.