BOOMERWATCH UPDATE! Latest YouTube Boomer NOT Woke on JQ!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

After Boomer Prime deleted his YouTube account so he could escape with the stolen loot, I decided to share my newest YouTube Boomer with my Stormer frens.

Since that time, however, disturbing new information has come to light.

But let me step back and set the stage here.

At first, everyone was playing nice and getting along.

Boomberbee showed an open mind, a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for dialogue with the youngsters.

Then, tragedy struck.

To make matters worse, the Boomer foolishly decided to poke the angry Millennial hornet’s nest.

After that, all bets were off and the Hate Storm started in earnest.

Unaware of how precarious his position was, he decided to upload another video.

And he decided to double-down on the MIGA Trump2020 inanity. He claimed that Moslems are buying out conservative news outlets like Fox News and that is why they are not allowed to point out who is obviously to blame for the Notre Dame arson attack. While this is marginally better than Alex Jones’ take that the Communist Chinese are buying out Hollywood, the Millennials were unimpressed with his ice-cold take.

So, it is clear to me that we have a completely different Boomer situation here. 

The last Boomer – Boomer Prime – was hip to the JQ, but still a fat bastard who hired illegals and hated on the young folk.

This one is not hip to the JQ, but seems more open to constructive dialogue. However, he appears to already be aware of the counter-Semitic arguments that the right has presented. He replied to the suggestion to read Kevin MacDonald with snark and refered to the trilogy as “three books based on BS.

Further investigation proves that he has been shilling for Israel for years.

And says Nazis are the real Democrats. He also claimed that Hitler was gay.

Interesting comments on that video.

This presents all BoomerWatchers with an interesting conundrum.

Where do we go from here?

I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons about Boomberbee/Mild Bill so that you can judge for yourself what should be done next:


  • He doesn’t like the DemocRATS
  • He doesn’t like Moslems
  • He doesn’t like the homos
  • Used the word “degeneracy”
  • Nice hair
  • Classy – doesn’t say “frick” every two words


  • Loves Israel
  • Doesn’t like Kevin MacDonald
  • Defends his age cohort
  • Is retired in Florida
  • Wears a cowboy hat even though he has a Wisconsin accent
  • Does NOT want to secure the MF bag by voting for Yang in 2020

Now, regardless of what we say or do, I can tell that the autists have already latched onto this guy and there is literally nothing left to do but watch them tear Boomberbee to shreds in the comments section.

They’ve smelled blood and they’re circling in for the kill.

I guess this means I need to find another Boomer to watch soon, because this guy won’t last 3 days. 

There’s just this… way that Boomers interact with younger people with differing opinions that triggers such a visceral rage in Millennials that there’s no stopping what’s coming next. It’s condescending and self-righteous and it comes from a feeling of misplaced smug superiority that these people have.

It won’t end well.

It will result in them all getting pillow’d en masse – dragged kicking and screaming out of Costa Rica by Right Wing Pillow Squads/Boomerbux Bounty hunters.