Boomer Prime Returns! Internet Sensation is Back and Ready to Tussle!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2019

He’s back.

We thought he’d escaped with the stolen loot after deleting his account, but Boomer Prime has reactived and is back in the game.

About 6 minutes in and it becomes clear that Boomer Prime has finally learned about the concept of inflation – an impressive feat, to be sure.

In other words, this is a different man. 

Boomer Prime has returned with a much humbler attitude and with something resembling a coherent argument… but still doesn’t seem to much like young people. The main argument that Boomer Prime has shifted to is pointing out that the youth is the most heavily-indebted generation, NOT the Baby Boomers – as if this proves something and shifts the blame.

Boomer Prime 1.0 was unable to learn and only repeated previously programmed talking points. Boomer Prime 2.0 is re-armed and re-booted.

Main points:

  • Millennials and Gen Z spend their money frivolously – high credit card debt is proof of this
  • Millennials and Gen Z are heavily in debt for college – just look at the debt!
  • Most degree-dependent industries are saturated and college-educated
  • It’s not the Boomers’ fault that you don’t have a living wage
  • Boomers savings have been hurt by inflation – they’re the REAL victims
  • Millennials and Gen Z don’t do manual labor, focused on tech work
  • AI will replace tech work, which means no more jobs
  • Boomers need to keep working FOREVER to save for retirement
  • New generations will have to spend less money

He talks about the fact that there simply aren’t going to be many well-paying jobs left soon because of AI, but continues to reflexively blame Millennials for this somehow. Instead of saying, “yeah, the whole situation is fucked for you guys,” he focuses on blaming Millennials because their tech savviness brought this whole situation about, whereas Boomers barely even use e-mail or texting (and this somehow washes their hands clean of the situation.)

Also, no mention of a possible UBI to address the problem.

Still, there have been some improvements. Boomer Prime now…

  • Acknowledges inflation
  • Admits that Boomers have debt as well, perhaps there’s some blame to share
  • Openly confesses that there’s not enough retirement to go around
  • Blames the government’s poor decision making (social spending) for the debt
  • Talks about new tech putting people out of work

Many people thought that Boomer Prime was gone forever, struck down by the righteous fury of the Internet.

But people forget that Boomer Prime is immortal. 

You can strike him down, but he will only rise up again, stronger and deeper in debt.

I just want to point out to all of you whippersnappers that you are never going to be rid of Boomers. They are no longer the “Me Generation” so much as they are the “Immortal Generation.” With absolutely infinite lines of credit at their disposal, the Boomers will all be rebuilt and put back on the front lines… all on your dime.

I for one, welcome our immortal Boomer overlords. There is simply no stopping them, frens.

We can only submit. Because let’s just face facts here, folks: this is a Boomer’s world and it always will be.

Boomer Prime even openly admits in the video that he and the rest of his generation are conspiring to NEVER retire. 

That means that literally none of the higher-management positions will ever open up as time goes by.

Instead, Boomers are going to become cyber-augmented and yet remain completely technologically illiterate, using their prosthetic arms and cyber brains to write e-mails in all caps and absolutely nothing else. In other words, the “Prime” in Boomer Prime’s name is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

He and his generation are going the way of the Autobots – or perhaps the Decepticons, to be more accurate.

Immortal demi-gods who require endless infusions of young people’s blood, tech skills and student debt to live.

Boomer Prime admits that Baby Boomers plan on living forever and enslaving the rest of the planet to keep their way of life going until the end of time.

This was always their plan.

We were only pawns. Tax peons and tech support to service the Boomers until the end of time…