Bolton Pushed Out of Korea Situation, Allegedly

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

I’m planning to have a summit with Kim to discuss vaping. Seriously Kim, it’s current year – what is that thing in your hand?

It’s good news – if true.

It’s definitely true that Bonkers Bolton was not at the recent White House meeting.

I do sincerely hope he is not in Singapore at all. It would be a gesture of good will toward Kim to not have this guy around.


As President Donald Trump huddled in the Oval Office on Friday with Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man, he was accompanied by only one other US official: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Absent was the administration’s most vocal North Korea hawk, national security adviser John Bolton.

The White House insists the meeting was always intended to remain small. But the tableau reflected deeper rifts among Trump’s national security team and a new reality as the President prepares for his historic meeting with Kim next week in Singapore: the voices advocating most forcefully to tighten the noose on Pyongyang have been sidelined as Trump seeks out a history-making handshake.

Furious after Bolton raised the so-called “Libya” model to describe US intentions in North Korea — with its suggestion of a grisly death for a dictator who relinquishes his nuclear arms — Trump has publicly walked back his national security adviser’s rhetoric as he works to ensure his summit talks with Kim proceed. In doing so, he’s dramatically lowered the bar for his face-to-face session with Kim, who has made no concrete commitments toward abandoning his nuclear arsenal.

You see there how CNN is siding with the lunatic warmonger Bolton there.

This isn’t an op-ed I’m quoting from here, by the way – it’s just a news item written by a bunch of Jews.

The fact that they find it appropriate to editorialize to that degree in what is ostensibly just a 5W news item is still shocking to me. I mean, you expect Jews to do whatever they think they can get away with, but isn’t a normie reading this thinking “hm, that seems like a pretty bold opinion injection in an article that is not an op-ed.”

I guess that TV “news” standards have affected print journalism standards, and allowed naked editorialization in ostensibly straight news stories.

The goal of the summit was never to get Kim to commit to full denuclearization. That would be a completely insane demand, and it was only made by Bolton because he was trying to destroy the deal on purpose. The goal of the summit is to secure a formal end to the Korean war. And that, it appears, is going to happen.

Denuclearization is a complicated thing, which is going to be a slow process that is going to involve opening up and trust building with the South.

I still don’t understand why Bolton was hired at all. This guy is not simply a war monger, he’s stupid and he’s accomplished exactly nothing in his life. It would be one thing if he pushed for the war in Iraq with his “done in six months” plan and it worked. But what he claimed would be a six month war lasted 10 years, and now we have an Iraq that is mostly run by Iran.

And yes, for those of you who are too young to remember, these people were saying “less than six months” and that appears to have originated from Bolton, who was Undersecretary of State to Donald Rumsfeld at the time.

I don’t think they actually believed it would go that fast, but they certainly did not believe it would last a decade, cost trillions of dollars, and end up resulting in the country being given over to the arch-enemy Iran.

It was a genuine fuck-up, probably the worst in modern history.

This guy has absolutely zero life accomplishments.

I don’t know about his law career, but he worked for the American Enterprise Institute before working for Bush. This is an organization that has spent decades producing absolutely nothing but bad ideas, and when Bolton was working there, was just planning these wars for Israel.

After his years working for George Bush and planning that idiot war, he ran the Gatestone Institute, which is effectively a fake news site.

I mean, if Trump for some reason decided “let’s fight a bunch of insane wars,” you’d think he’d hire someone who is better at planning wars. If you’re going to launch wars of aggression against random third world countries, why not win them?

And how did he not fire him when he openly tried to sabotage something he was trying to do? 

How can you have employees who are actively trying to undermine you?

It’s a weird, wacky situation.

I hope he fires him soon.

Bolton makes me more nervous than any of these other crazies Trump has surrounded himself with.

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