Blormf Says He has No Interest in Regulating Social Media

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

Trump recently told Breitbart that he has no plans and no interest in regulating social media against political bias, even while his son is out there saying it has to be done immediately.

Talk about cracking on every single possible issue.

We all remember him out there on Twitter saying he was going to start pushing for regulation. Yet another promise unfulfilled.


The president specifically criticized Twitter for blacklisting conservatives on their platform.

“Twitter’s horrible what they’re doing to people, they’re blanking them out … What’s going on with Twitter is terrible for conservatives,” he said.

Trump again pointed to a growing political movement around breaking up the big companies monopolizing tech and online speech.

“A lot of people are talking about breaking them up. They’re dishonest, there’s tremendous dishonesty,” he said. “And it’s really all steered toward the Republicans and the conservative movement. It’s a hundred percent steered against.”

When asked by Breitbart News reporter Charlie Spiering about how he planned to fight tech bias in the 2020 election, he replied, “You fight it by just being good. You got to be really good. It’s much harder for a conservative Republican to win than it is for a liberal Democrat.”

This is absolute lunacy.

The only way he won in 2016 was through social media. In particular, through a far-right meme squad. This once again points to this guy not even wanting to win.

He could absolutely say “we’ve got an election coming up, social media is incredibly influential on politics, people have a right to state their views, I’m signing an executive order that say these companies are critical infrastructure and thus have to respect American law.”

In fact, he wouldn’t even need an executive order. Net neutrality was simply decreed by the FCC, and he has an FCC Chairman who actually WANTS to force these companies to allow free speech.

So again: even if you still support Trump, it doesn’t matter, because he cannot possibly win in 2020. That ship has sailed, barring some kind of miracle that involves firing Jared Kushner immediately and completely overhauling everything rapidly. In any other situation, his campaign is totally dead in the water.

Remember that anyone you see shilling against Yang is simply shilling for Kamala.

Because it is Yang or bust.

And I think we can get an internet bill of rights in the Yang platform after the primaries (when I have predicted he will be running third party).

Basically, every single social media personality who hasn’t been banned yet is on edge freaking out that they’re going to lose their livelihood. And they call these people “influencers” because they have influence. So basically, everyone on the internet will shill for any candidate that is promising this, and neither Blormf nor Kamala is going to.