Blood-Sucking Vampiric Elites Walk Among Us

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

There were always these persistent rumours among the European peasantry that the local lords and their foreign Semitic friends were stealing children and young women to suck out their blood…

Who would have thought that their fairytales would so accurately describe the situation today?

Although nowadays, there are very few brave peasants left to spread the word. Fewer people still, brave enough today to draw the Vampire/Jew/Bloodsucker connection.

But the evidence continues to mount…

CBS Philly:

Could the secret to eternal youth be found in blood transfusions from young people? Some claim that transfusions with “young blood” from teenagers can reverse the aging process.

It’s being tested in patients over the age of 35 as part of a clinical trial called ambrosia, where people paid $8,000 to get the rich growth factors found in bloods plasma platelets.

“There are pretty much people from most states, people from overseas, people from Europe and Australia,” Dr. Jesse Karmazin said.

Results of the trial have not been published.


They were doing this stuff in the Soviet Union. The old Bolshevik party elites.

Few know this, but the Bogdanoff brothers are actually the long-lost sons of Alexander Bogdanov – the forerunner of blood transfusion experiments in the USSR.

It will keep you alive… but at a cost.

So this is old news, really.

Dr. Karmazin, who plans to open a business selling young blood, says patients who’ve had it say they feel amazing, and he says he’s seen evidence of reversing the aging process in rats.

“Their brains are younger, their hearts. Their hair, if it was gray, it turns dark again,” he said.

There has also been encouraging Alzheimer’s research using young blood at Stanford University.

“We found that it was safe and feasible to administer infusions of young plasma weekly,” Dr. Sharon Shaw, an Alzheimer’s researcher at Stanford, said.

Dr. Shaw is a researcher who says they have seen evidence of improvement in functional ability.

“It’s all very exciting that there can be components in blood that can be healing,” Dr. Shaw said.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, treatments using a patient’s own blood have been in demand as trendy “vampire facials” to fight wrinkles, and as joint and tissue treatments to accelerate healing.

Wow. They’re even admitting it. 

I honestly think that by the end of the first half of the 21st century, we’re basically going to have documented proof of every single old European/Biblical fairytale being true.

The masses will have no choice but to accept that Vampires are real and that they live off the blood of the young.

Or that Demons are real, and that they teach our children.

And Jews are literally Goblins.

Just think about how much they’ll resemble Goblins when they’re forced underground to their bunkers after starting WWIII.


And like, you just know that they’re using aborted fetuses and tricking poor dumb goys into giving up their blood.

It is well-known that sickly old Jews need goyish blood to be able to stay alive well into their 80s and 90s.

Just think, once these fuckers are able to assemble goyish baby-blood extraction facilities on a mass scale, we’ll never be rid of them.