Blatantly Anti-White Hoodies on Sale at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
October 11, 2016


Certain students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are selling hoodies with a venomous message which is targeting and singling out White people.

The anti-White hoodies have “all White people are racist” written across the front in white capital letters.

The hoodie vendors defend their antagonistic message, saying that White people are still the majority, and this “empowers white folk and in turn disempowers people of color.

Can you believe that students pay to learn this drivel?

Anti-Whites have got a monopoly on the education system and it churns out kids who know WHAT to think instead of kids who know HOW to think.

We have governments, mass media bosses, and academics who literally believe that White people are the ultimate evil, and that we must be destroyed for the good of the world. Otherwise known as White genocide.

They say their agenda is “anti-racist”, but ever notice how all this “racism” that needs to be combated is in Western countries, especially in majority White areas? It’s almost as if they are just anti-White.

This is a crazy system, but luckily it’s starting to tumble down.