Blacks Bring Much Needed Cultural Vibrancy and Enrichment to Detroit

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
February 18, 2015

I’m sick of “racist” White people saying over and over again that we shouldn’t celebrate Black history.  There are many moments in Black history that deserve to be celebrated over and over again.

One of the great moments in Black history is when Blacks took over Detroit from “racist” White people and brought much needed cultural vibrancy and enrichment to the city.

During the early to mid part of the 20th century Detroit was a “racist” city with very few Blacks.  As we can see from the below photo taken of Detroit in the middle part of the 20th century, this was a city that had a majority White population and lacked diversity.  What an awful place this must have been to live.

Thankfully in the 1960s, large numbers of Black people moved into Detroit as part of an effort to make the city a culturally diverse metropolis.  Bigoted White people have claimed that these Blacks were being agitated by subversive Jews to force Whites out of the city.  What these “racists” fail to recognize is that these Blacks brought much needed enrichment to the community.  Just look a the positive influence these Blacks had on the community as proven by the below picture taken of Detroit in 1967.


Finally, Blacks were able to obtain positions of power in the Detroit city government and ran the city for nearly half a century.  During this time even more Blacks moved to Detroit providing an even greater level of enrichment than we could have ever hoped for.  As we can see by photos taken of Detroit today, the cultural vibrancy that Blacks have brought the city has greatly improved it.  There is little doubt that the city is much better off today versus when it was run and occupied by mean spirited and hateful White people.


The best part about what Blacks did for the city besides the obvious vibrancy and enrichment that they brought, is that they successfully made real estate affordable to all.  Depending upon where you look, you can now buy a home in Detroit for as little as $1.

I hope that this article convinces all of these hateful “Nazis” to celebrate Black history.  How can one not celebrate Black history when we see all of the valuable contributions that Black people have brought to places like Detroit?

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