Black Tweeter Tariq Nasheed Goes Full-Throttle MAGA – Says Immigrants Hurt Black People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

“There’s the door, Paco. Now gtfo.”

It’s pretty much the most obvious thing in the world that immigrants are not good for black people.


Move into black neighborhoods and push the blacks out (often violently)

Take black jobs (drug dealing)

Steal welfare money from blacks (there is only so much to go around)

Furthermore, unlike the blacks, these immigrants coming in – Mexicans, Moslems, etc. – all have a clear and cohesive collective racial agenda that most certainly does not involve black people.

But for (((some reason))), none of the public black figures are willing to ever note the obvious in this situation (it’s because they’re all controlled by Jews).

Until now.

Now, a hero has risen to defend the black race from the Mexipocalypse.



Obviously, you can’t, because there are none. It benefits blacks even less than it benefits whites. At least whites get their lawns mowed for cheaper – when was the last time you heard of a black person having a lawn? 

He’s even linking this immigration issue to gooks doing blackface.

He’s going all in.

He just released a video attacking the caravan.

Just having this out there is a big deal, because most black people are too stupid to think about something like “yeah but why are we supporting immigration tho?”

If one of them says it, they’ll all be like “yeah but why tho?”

Let’s face it, blacks: we have our issues, God knows. But neither of us has benefited from any of these other people being here.

Tariq is a black activist who is supposed to be on the same page as Deray and the rest of the Jew shills, but he’s now officially off the reservation.

He’s gonna have people coming down on him now. Let’s see how he handles it. He might just be the typa nigga that don’t give a fuck.