Black Pilled: How Boomers Were Taught to Hate (Themselves)

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2018

Try to imagine this:

Group A conquers a large territory, then quickly begins building it into one of the greatest nations in the world.

Group B comes to Group A and say “oy vey, we are poisecuted all over the world because of our religion, please let us in.”

Group A feels bad for Group B. Group A also knows what it’s like to be a persecuted religious group. Plus their religion is somewhat tied to Group B’s religion. Plus this new land they are building is supposed to be the land of freedoms.

Fast forward 150 years.

Group B now owns almost all of the media in the great nation of freedom that Group A built. They use this media to pump out nonstop anti-Group A propaganda.

Group A is afraid to even criticize Group B now, while Group B viciously mocks and attacks Group A, the group that opened the doors for them in their time of need.

Now Group A has to deal not just with Group B, but with Groups B C D E F and G as well, all of whom were let in and are led against Group A by Group B.

Now Group A is on the way out in their own country and will be replaced by the other groups.

Shockingly, many members of group A have even turned against their own group in the hopes of getting a pat on the back by Group B.

What is the moral of the story?

Yes, yes. Good goy.

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