Black-Owned Business Decides to Charge Whites Triple, People Actually Go Along with It

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

Black people are really good at fleecing White people. Usually, they stick to robbery and panhandling. But the smarter ones are cashing in more and more on White Guilt.


The owner of Saartj, a food stall in New Orleans, decided to charge white people two-and-a-half times the amount he charged minorities.

Tunde Way explained to NPR that the price difference accurately reflected the income disparity between African-Americans and whites in the city.

Moreover, when people come up to his stall, Way engages them in conversation and explains why the requested price is $12 for minorities and $30 for those who identify as white.

The price for white people isn’t compulsory. Way explains that if they choose to pay it, he will redistribute the difference among the minorities who come to his stall.

“Some of them are enthusiastic, some of them are bamboozled a bit by it. But the majority of white folks, nearly 80 percent, decided to pay,” he told NPR.¬†

These people need another killer Hurricane ASAP.

Did these Whites learn nothing about black feral behavior the last time?

Also, just like the US economy, this Black guy is reliant on Whites paying more to keep him afloat.

His little salmonella shack is a metaphor for the situation that the entire country finds itself in. If only for making our case for us, I am grateful to this Dindu – and NPR and Inc for bringing this brave human interest story to our attention.

Frankly though, I have a hard time believing that White people would ever order anything from his fried chicken joint.

I mean with a name like Saartj the first word I think of is Shart. 

Imagine all those nigger¬†spices just thrown on top of the chicken willy-nilly, the dirty kitchen, the nigger’s yellow nails digging into the meat.

That’s a recipe for a serious case of the sharts – or should I say, Saartjs.

Maybe he’s just got a lot of Mexicans coming to his shack. But then, no Mexican would pay extra to a nigger…that’s typical huWhyte¬†behavior.

Bizarre stuff.

Also, the nigger claims to be redistributing the wealth…

The vast majority of the Latino, African-American and Asian people who were offered the redistributed money declined.

Prasertong suspects this is because most of the customers were from relatively higher income brackets.

So this is like one of those SWPL things where they’re searching for something¬†authentic then, right?

The experiment does, though, underline how strongly some businesses might choose to respond to socio-political issues that they — or, perhaps more importantly — their customers and employees care deeply about. (Enormous legal issues notwithstanding, of course.)

Both customers and employees have come to increasingly examine companies’ ethical and social stances.

Whether it be on the subject of climate change or racial and gender equality, they want to know what a company’s management believes and what they’re prepared to do about it.

“Just an experiment, bro.”

Yeah, but I think that this is legit what Liberals will push for next. Just charging White people more for shit. I meant that already happens, but perhaps they really are pushing the next frontier with this reparations stuff.

Time will tell, I guess.