Black Judge Rules Mississippi Schools Must be Force-Integrated

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2016

The United States has the worst public school system in the developed world.

There is no argument who is responsible for this: the colored folk.

Instead of dealing with this problem by segregating the Blacks, the Federal government is doing the opposite: forced integration.

The Clarion-Ledger:

The Cleveland School District has been ordered by a federal court to consolidate its majority black secondary schools with historical white schools, ending a five-decade legal battle to desegregate schools in the 12,000-population city in north Mississippi

“Six decades after the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education declared that ‘separate but equal has no place’ in public schools, this decision serves as a reminder to districts that delaying desegregation obligations is both unacceptable and unconstitutional,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said in a statement. “This victory creates new opportunities for the children of Cleveland to learn, play and thrive together. The court’s ruling will result in the immediate and effective desegregation of the district’s middle school and high school program for the first time in the district’s more than century-long history.”

The court rejected as unconstitutional two alternatives proposed by the school district, agreeing with the Justice Department that the only way to achieve desegregation is through consolidation.

In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Debra Brown also ordered the parties to submit a proposed timeline to implement the plan in such a way as to ensure the immediate termination of the school district’s dual system. She set the deadline for no later than 21 days from the entry of her opinion, which was issued Friday.


District Judge Debra Brown

“The delay in desegregation has deprived generations of students of the constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education,” Brown said in the 96-page opinion. “Although no court order can right these wrongs, it is the duty of the district to ensure that not one more student suffers under this burden.”

Not having Blacks is a “burden.” Or maybe it’s Blacks not being around White women that’s a burden.

Anyway, whatever the case: it’s pure evil.

Pretty soon, Blacks will fulfill their destiny and start behaving exactly like Whites.

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  2. Does anyone here remember or know about the anti-busing mass movement that rose up against desegregation in the 1970s? Activists took very extreme measures, including destroying the schoolbuses that would have been used to move black students into white districts, while they sat vacant at bus garages and lots, in order to resist efforts to force black students into white communities.

    Grassroots activists, in conjunction with some effort by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, mostly succeeded in protecting white communities from bused-in black youths. Laws were passed by state legislatures (notably in Michigan) prohibiting busing students from places like Detroit out to other communities.

    In 1974, in a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld "de facto" segregation in Milliken v. Bradley, finding that school districts are only obligated to desegregate if the boundaries were drawn with explicitly racist intent.

    If you received a quality education in a white suburb outside an American city with a large black population, you owe a debt of gratitude to activists like Irene McCabe and her National Action Group, which mobilized everyday white parents against forced desegregation.

  3. fips says:

    This accursed federal dictate, if allowed to stand, will lead to mass gang rapes of white girls by monkey niggers and murders of white boys by monkey niggers, unless the white girls and boys are armed like the Marines just before Iwo Jima! Lock and load and shoot to kill. White Lands America, I knew thee well.

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  5. This right here is why the Klan was started and lynching happened at all. The law is bullshit. To Whites its what is written down, but to a nigger, they win and you lose no matter what. Reading isn't a strong suit for These Stone Age Fossils. I figure a nigger only ever existed to be a handy snack for a Dinosaur or smarter predator than them like maybe a baboon.
    They can fight this in court forever, because you pay for it. You win every case because these niggers can't even understand the law, but then they get a nigger pretending to be human and bingo they win you lose and the law is bullshit.
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  6. Volk says:

    I'm so triggered right now. I remember I got sent to the "ghetto" school in HS as part of an integration plan where they sent some kids from the white part of town to black schools, and blacks to white.

    So instead of being able to go to school with my friends in a positive environment I spent the next 4 years skipping school, fighting, and being a wigger to fit in. Going to school with black people is toxic, and this type of thing will only get worse as we become a minority and can no longer put up any meaningful opposition to this agenda of universal forced integration, diversity quotas, and the seizure of property and wealth by the government to redistribute among minorities that are only poor and disadvantaged because of a "legacy of racism".

    If I had millions of dollars I would start my own community. It would be kind of like the Amish. A place to live where we are free to choose who we associate with, what we believe, and what our morals and values as a people are. Would be nice.

  7. White children have a magical racial ability of bringing up school averages and making it look like schools are doing a better job on paper.

  8. Roo says:

    I was 6 when they started bussing us all together. Black kids start young though, they're beating the shit out of each other for a while by the time they reached the age I was at then. They singled us all out, and those of us who were particularly sensitive - we were toast.

    But it was nothing compared to when my body started to take on a woman's shape. At that point the only thing I could afford to think about was how to live with this until I didn't have to - the best route to and from school with the most hiding places, when not to be out and about, which wings of the school to avoid at certain times, and which wings to avoid ALL the time, etc.

    Finally ran away to the North Woods when I was 16, just to get away from all of it. I couldn't take it, anymore.

  9. Volk says:

    That's pretty awful. I was a pretty tough kid, and looking back I did kind of get singled out a few times because I was "different", but I didn't really take any shit. That doesn't change the fact that the entire 4 years was more or less a waste, where i got into things like rap music, drugs, and I started to think it was "cool" to be a degenerate idiot.

    Prior to highschool I was a good sensible kid, but after I became pretty toxic and it took me awhile to really find myself again. I ended up dropping out if highschool and selling drugs actually. I'm not proud at all, and looking back I feel as though I was robbed of what should have been some of the best years of my life.

    It gives me a sick feeling knowing how many good kids are going to be lost, and how many already have been lost. The moral of this story is obviously send your kid to a private school or home school them.

  10. Roo says:

    Boy can I relate to that! I spent my youngest years watching over my shoulder, strategizing, doing things I would never have normally done, and never will again, just to make sure I stayed out of the hospital. I had two friends, that was it. Any more than that and it was too complicated. Just kept my head down and got through it, and when that door opened up to me, I got the hell out of Dodge that very moment - no time to think, just run!

    I think I turned out okay though. Once I was out of there, I turned things around for myself. I was suddenly surrounded by other white people and I was still young enough to learn another way, especially since living like they did felt right, you know? It felt like I was where I belonged. This, I know how to do, naturally. This is where I'm supposed to be.

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