Black Homicide Suspect to Judge: You Aint Gots No Proof Bruh

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2018

Every time I hear a negro speak I always think they must be heavily intoxicated.

Then I remember that’s just how they normally talk.


Surveillance video shows Willie Bryant Jr., armed with a handgun, confront workers at a Marathon gas station before shooting and killing the clerk, police said in court records.

Both Bryant, 33, and the alleged getaway driver, Gary Bryant, 58, admitted to police they were at the gas station.

Police have heard conflicting statements about their relationship. Willie Bryant Sr., the suspect’s father, said Gary Bryant is the father’s cousin.

William Martin Bryant, 33, was arraigned Tuesday, May 22, in a shooting that preceded the gas-station clerk’s killing.

“Willie Bryant is on video shooting Shannon Rozanski-Schoen two times,” Wyoming police Officer Robert Robinson wrote in a probable-cause affidavit released Wednesday, May 23.

“Gary Bryant also places himself at the scene of the crime during an interview with investigators, and as the driver of the vehicle that both arrived, and left with, Willie Bryant,” he said.

Shannon Rozanski-Schoen.

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