Black Farmers Blame Racist Seed Company for Low Crop Yields

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2018

The reason why outdated farm equipment can’t farm is because of racism. What other possible explanation could there be for their failures?

Whenever blacks fail at something, it’s never because of their lack of ability or their low IQs. They fail because of racist conspiracies.

Charlotte Observer:

A group of black farmers say they were given low quality seed that seriously hurt their business — and that racial discrimination may have been a factor, according to a lawsuit filed in Tennessee.

The class-action lawsuit says Stine Seed Company “willfully coated, treated and switched certified seeds with seeds of inferior genetics, purity and germination” at least partially because of “racial animus” toward the black farmers.

In a statement given to Local Memphis and other outlets, Stine called the allegations “without merit and factually unsupportable” and said it had filed a motion to dismiss.

The lawsuit alleges that black farmers attended a farm show at a Memphis convention center in 2017, where they purchased about $100,000 worth of soybean seed from Stine, the Commercial Appeal reported. The plaintiffs believe the seed was switched out for an inferior seed at a facility in Mississippi, according to the paper.

So here we have outdated farm equipment trying to farm crops and they claim that their low crop yields were the result of a racist seed company.

Considering that a person’s life can be ruined for saying or doing anything that is perceived to be just a little bit racist, why would this seed company risk the reputation of their business just to sabotage a few black farmers? The narrative seems a bit far fetched.

The fact of the matter is that blacks just aren’t good farmers. Take for example what happened in Rhodesia. When the country got taken over by Communist niggers, they eventually seized the land of White farmers and handed most of it over to blacks. This resulted in an agricultural disaster for the country now known as Zimbabwe.

The reason this happened is because the blacks were unable to efficiently utilize the land like the Whites did. They finally realized the folly of this and started implementing policies to bring some of the White farmers back.

But getting back to the original story, there’s always a chance that this seed company is run by a bunch of nigger hating racists. It’s just a highly unlikely scenario. What’s more likely is that the blacks were doing something wrong which resulted in their low crop yields.

Hollywood Jews should strongly consider turning this real life story into a feature length movie.  They can name the film “Black Men Can’t Farm.”

Point blank, if these black farmers are concerned about racist conspiracies, they should consider moving to a place like South Africa. The South African government is pro-black and actively engaging in a genocide of White people. There is much less of a chance that they’ll have to deal with racist White people sabotaging their farming operations in that country. The down side is that they will have a greater chance of getting hacked up with a machete or burned to death by an angry mob.

You just have to take the good with the bad though!

Farming ain’t easy!

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  1. Paul says:

    “Stine” (((Stein))) Seed Company. I hope it was a case of Kikes against Niggers

  2. LOL at this:

    seeds of inferior genetics

    The soybeans? Or the farmers?

  3. My crop is doing just fine.


    But then I’m White, and don’t by seeds from zhids…

  4. Stine.stein.shine, what’s the diff?
    Someone tell these niggers you can’t plant a box of cherrios and expect a crop of donuts.

  5. Did someone forget to tell the black farmers that they need to water the seeds with water and not grape drank?

    I thought so…

  6. Allin says:

    “willfully coated, treated and switched certified seeds with seeds of INFERIOR genetics, purity and germination” So the niggers DO understand what is happening under Jew multiculturalism at some level. Oh niggers, do tell us what it is like to have a crop that produces nothing and only takes your time, money and energy making you believe it will?

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