Black Cop Shoots Homeless Black on Camera

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2015

Well, we have another one of these police brutality situations, only in this case it appears to be at least partially valid. About six officers were attempting to arrest a homeless Black, and the Black cop, for whatever reason, opened-fire on him. And anyway, it won’t lead to any riots, because it was a Black cop responsible.

The video is intense. Not bloody, but you see the guy die. At about 00:20, you can hear one of the cops saying “drop the gun,” so maybe the guy had gotten a hold of one of the officer’s guns. Still seems a bit severe to put fire rounds in the poor bastard while he’s on the ground.

Ferguson offered an example of the danger Black criminals pose to White cops, and I think this could be used to highlight the danger Black cops pose to Black criminals.

The entire video is nutty. Any non-Americans should watch it to get an idea what we deal with every day in this country. The way these Blacks behave, and the way that violence excites them rather than striking fear into them. We talk about the “fight or flight” mechanism in the brain, but Blacks apparently never evolved the second part of that mechanism.

Though I feel a bit bad the poor guy just got executed like that, this is very good for the narrative. It breaks the concept of police brutality being a White on Black thing. I doubt it is going to get much international media press though, for that reason. Also for the reason that the video would be too much for Euros to witness, given that they have this idea of Blacks as innocent creatures just walking around eating Skittles and getting shot down on the street for no reason by evil Whites, and in this video, you really see the animal nature.

Also worthy of note is that if the media doesn’t cover it like they covered Zimmerman and Wilson, this will be definite and inarguable proof that both those events were examples of the Jew media purposefully inciting racial hatred against Whites. Because this is definitely a lot more extreme than what went on in the two aforementioned cases.

Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to watch.

The LA Times has a long article on the shooting, though it doesn’t really contain too many details of relevance.

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