Black Convicted White-Cop Killer Freed from Prison to Kill Again

June 28, 2015

bigsby-barron (1)
Edward Barron was shot to death by a no-good Black street thug in 1973.

A convicted cop killer is now a free man, and Chicago’s top cop is furious about it.

In 1973, Joseph Bigsby was a teenager; he had just robbed two people, and he was being chased by the police; Bigsby turned and shot officer Edward Barron to death.

He was convicted of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery and sentenced to 200 years in prison Thursday, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board let him out after serving just 40 percent of his sentence.

Joseph Bigsby showed he would never be anything better than a killer, by murdering a cop while he was still a teenager.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says, “(This) decision is an affront to the entire law enforcement community, but especially to the dedicated men and women of the Chicago Police Department who risk their lives and personal well-being daily as they strive to better our city and ensure the safety of our communities.”

The original robbery that started it all netted Joseph Bigsby just $4.10.

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