Bizarro World: TYT Declares Hillary Worse Than Trump

Daily Stormer
October 25, 2016

The perfidious leftist vermin at “The Young Turks” have put out a video basically endorsing Trump. In a way, that’s really good for us.

Did they finally see the light, and will now go full Trumpenfuerher?

Of course not.

What’s going on, and this is made pretty clear in the video, is that they’re worried that Hillary is going to start World War 3, and strip Americans of more jobs and rights. So they want to wash themselves of that responsibility.

“See, we told you not to vote for Hillary. You should have listened.”

This, of course, is after supporting her for months to appease their leftist audience.

Notice, also, how they’re not even getting the main hosts to deliver this message, but another host from their network. Presumably, they also want to keep their options open in case Trump wins, and tell their viewers “oh, those guys don’t represent the channel’s views 100%, we still thought Hillary should have won.”

They trotted out the B-team for this suicide mission.

Then, they can continue their shtick for 8 years and whine about Trump non-stop.


Still, pretty surprising they would even go ahead with what is a tacit endorsement of “literally Hitler.”