Bitch, You Ain’t White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not receiving the same treatment that my fellow Arabs are given. And it hurts me, knowing that I cannot feel the same pain that my people possess.

Here you have a half-haji female sympathizing with the plight of her full-haji racial comrades.

She says she gets away with being White because she’s half White and doesn’t wear hijab and that this isn’t fair.

People just thought she was ugly.

But clearly, her mind and racial soul are 100% haji.

Basically, she’s bragging about the fact she successfully blended in with Whites while harboring deep hatred for them.

Deport the bitch, now, before she runs over a bunch of people with a truck!

This is – of course – from the Portland Community College Whiteness Month Conference.

Someone see if they can dig up this chick’s twitter.

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  1. Jesus christ! A half Haji girl, this is the result of race mixing!

    Well said!

  2. People who insist on wearing ostentatious clothing which is deliberately provocative are looking for either trouble or praise, as is this silly little pseudo victim.

  3. Since she's "down with the cause," perhaps she should go blow herself up for it, as well.

  4. I believe that miscegenation should be classified as bestiality.

  5. And the mother's the White one. Every single time.

  6. What the fuck is this shit? Only got one minute in and I had to turn it off. Bitch is a fucking kebab.

  7. Just another cunt looking for attention .

  8. Kbob says:

    OK. So I have been lurking for a while, laughing at kebab removalist sentiments. I have gotten a pretty good kick out of Andrew Anglin's election coverage which is hilarious. Furthermore, I've been impressed with his accuracy in predicting world events. I voted Bernie against Hillary. Now I support Trump (I supported him before voting Bernie, but Trump won my state in a landslide and didn't need my vote).

    I have not spoken up because I'm a quarter kebab (sorta like the person above). Andrew Anglin assumes Arabs naturally gravitate to Islam through genetic desire. Well, the Lebanese who are commonly Christian must be a little different. We aren't recent converts. We were Christian before there were Muslims. My family was ousted by Muslim kebabs almost 100 years ago to the West. It's the best thing that could have happened to us. Christian kebabs (genetically part Roman & part Macedonian) have been down with the West all along. We sided with the Europeans during the crusades, leaving a common genetic legacy among Christian kebabs.

    I was down with the leftist antifa/anarchists during the Bush years. I mingled with Muslims during college and studied Arabic. This did not work out well for me. Rather than making excuses, I looked at the facts logically and came to the conclusion that the world should not be dominated by Muslim supremacists. I won't get into the abusive treatment I received from Arabs who thought I was a Turk, Muslims who thought I was a Jew and Jews who thought I was a white Anglo (I am 50% British, 25% Continental European). I just look "ugly," like the subject of the original post. I saw the hate for white men from many groups firsthand as it was heaped on me.

    I celebrated the #Brexit. I wept tears of joy that the English might have a chance. I speak English as my only first language. I love the history of the British. I cannot bear to see Europe destroyed. Look up videos of Palmyra, my other homeland's ancient ruins, to see what Muslims have planned for Stonehenge and the great cathedrals of Europe. The thought of these barbarians destroying European culture is more than I can bear. And no one in the mainstream is trying to stop them.

    I know it is popular to want to remove all kebab. I understand the impulse, but there are a few of us who REFUSE to bite the hand that feeds. I will not betray my friends (many of whom are US veterans like my own kebab cousin who fought the Mohammedans, rifle in hand, in Iraq) or the only culture, Western culture, that has ever accepted me. My kebab ancestors became tax-paying business owners and medical doctors. They made ammunition during WWII (I know, I know, but they were trying to be patriotic for the USA). One even fought the Tojos for the US in the Pacific Theater. The only contribution I have been able to make is to troll for Trump, which is sad. Of course, I also got kebab removed from university, hilariously after I completed degree requirements, for being "a white maaaaaale" who spoke facts to feminists and minorities.

    You all can tear me to shreds, or prep the chambers, or prepare to kebab remove me, but with my vote and my words and what small legal political actions I can take, I will resist the Islamization of America and the West. The Saracen must not dominate the West.

    Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

    God Bless America

  9. Wayne says:

    Race is more than skin colour, and she maybe look white to untrained eye, but her eyes are dead giveaway that she has Arabic phenotype. And I know real life examples of mixed people, women like from this video.

    Yes, you look Arab.

    But I also noticed that there are traces of white phenotype among Lebanese people like with Iranians, Syrians and with Turks to some extent, for obvious reasons from hystory.

    Race is only skin deep, social construct,

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